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& Your Cornerstone Letter

The first letter of your first name is known as the Cornerstone in Numerology.

Claudia Schiffer : Cornerstone is C

It is the first stone of your edifice. On it, the first years of your existence are built, as well as the rest of your life and character. The Cornerstone tells of your aptitudes, your attitudes faced with different experiences. This letter constitutes a foundation element useful to know.

If a person has been introduced to you and you just know his or her first name (Christian name) the Cornerstone will be the first thing that will impress your unconscious sensitivity, but it will also give you the first clue about this person.


Numerological Meaning of Cornerstone Letters


Letter A. A cerebral, dynamic and creative letter. Standing proudly on it's two feet, reinforced in the abdominal area by a horizontal bar, the A has the head and shoulders that make one think of the point of a rocket. There is a lot of ambition, assurance and strength, in this letter which links self-confidence, energy and the sense of initiative. The A is very assertive, its will active and its opinions are clear, direct, even abrupt in their expression. The intellectual area, more active than the emotional one, sometimes makes A stubborn, perhaps to test a feeling of superiority and to exist only for itself. Used in a more positive fashion, the A will be a leader who opens the path, puts on route, manages and starts new things with authority and courage. The A thinks quickly and it's ideas are inspired. The person who possesses this radiant letter must try to emit this radiance to give [himself,herself] value. In addition to wanting to be the first, an acute sense of independence and originality characterizes the A. [He,She] is capable of defending [his,her] opinions or way of seeing things. The A is synonymous with physical and mental dynamism, change, renewal and initiatives. A possesses an adventurer side which gives fantasy to it's character. But be careful, the A can be impulsive, impatient, even aggressive. It wears itself out with flashes in the pan ; all energy put into action which falls very quickly without success or achievement. Otherwise the taste for power and the sense of command are present in the A, so they must be used correctly.


Letter B. An affective, emotional and fluctuating letter. With it's curves at the head and stomach area (emotions) there is an impression of gentleness, kindness even a certain sluggishness, but this flexibility faced with others (symbolically the right side) hides a harder aspect (the right line left) which constitutes the energetic reserve of B. So it is a letter which denotes duality. The B is made of gentleness, tact and level-headedness. Above all it is a great sensitivity, even modesty, which characterizes it's image. However, under the appearances B has specific qualities to be a right hand, a negotiator, the one who through [his,her] concern for detail, meticulousness and professional conscience, assures the success and continuity of the whole business. The one who has this initial, will know how to link conciliation and aptitudes for co-operation. It is in a small team, in close association rather than being alone or lost in an important group that B works or succeeds best. The B has an acute sense of friendship and love, but also of quality. To achieve well, B need calm, gentleness and harmony, peaceful conditions made from understanding and kindness, rather than conflicting situations charged with animosity or competition. This letter tries to flee from aggressiveness, and if it can't be avoided, B will become withdrawn. The B prefers to be occupied with details rather than initiating things or taking decisions of great responsibility, which does not necessarily imply that B makes bad decisions. Although [his,her] analytic mind is quite developed, B is in a way timid, hesitant and emotional. It is often only late on that [he,she] will gain self-confidence. The support of well placed dynamic people could help. To be balanced, B needs to receive and give proof of love and understanding. B is very sensitive, intuitive, imaginative and receptive, sometimes to the point of living too intensely emotionally and coming to crisis periods (affective suffering, depression). [His,Her] sensitivity serves by understanding others and bringing the human warmth necessary to contribute to the world's equilibrium. Once confident, B can go far, admittedly without fanfare, but always with the love of work well done and quality. B has a rich inner life, which (if lived negatively) can be accompanied by diverse tendencies such as passiveness, indecision, excessive submission, criticism of others, sometimes self-criticism, a tendency for concealment, melancholy and almost forgetting the self due to being too occupied with others and pleasing them.


Letter C. A lot of creativity, expression and intuition in this open graphical letter, making one think of a parabolic aerial which catches and sends signals. Expressive and balanced, C is synonymous with exchange (openness towards others symbolized by the right side). Everything in relation with communication and expression is important for C : elocution, the art of convincing, amusing others, exchanging ideas, singing, dancing and all forms of art as well as listening to others (C catches and emits). Playful and vibrant with creativity and charm, C will feel comfortable in society and be extroverted with a certain elegance. C has the sense of friendship, likes contacts, knows how to demonstrate [his,her] joy of life, but also needs others to make [him,her] feel that [he,she] exists. In this perspective, C doesn't hesitate to compliment [him,her]self if necessary. C is vivacious, has a refined mind, sometimes intuition and above all a great sensitivity which can also reveal itself to be double edged because C can sometimes be deeply injured by a word or remark. C is original, creative and will often be inspired spontaneously, which allows [him,her] to get out of limiting or embarrassing situations and make [his,her] world more attractive. In fact there is a lot of ease and freedom, with the risk of falling into certain excesses such as dispersion, excessive curiosity, agitation, useless gossiping, a lack of moderation and the excessive need to be the center of attention to the detriment of others and finally [him,her]self.


Letter D. This very concrete, nearly square letter links practical sense, work, perseverance, determination and solidity. D presents all the characteristics of the long-distance runner type of worker : [his,her] temperament isn't explosive, it is on the contrary determination which is dominant and the sense of self-discipline. D knows how to move things forward slowly and calmly, with all the rigor necessary and without being discouraged. D is self-sufficient, not exuberant, demands little from others and doesn't wait for anything either. D is pernickety and meticulous ; a manual worker, a manager or an excellent accountant, who has a strict and methodical mind even if it sometimes makes [him,her] rigid, petty or dogmatic. D has a practical and material mind and feels perfectly comfortable in an important role, provided that it's function and game rules are determined and well delimited. Efficient, D accepts implicitly that life was made for working, struggling and making effort. Loyal and straightforward, D is very attached to traditional and family values and will define clearly what shall be done or not (sometimes blinkers or sectarianism). D is ready to work for others if necessary. But [he,she] has also a secret side, quite a modest sensuality and a need to be loved and recognized. The presence of a D is the assurance of a stable, traditional and generally well-organized life, but it can also be a bit restrictive and will lack fantasy capable of adding spice and originality to life.


Letter E. Physical, creative, dynamic, idealistic letter, E is very complete. Active on the three levels (down : physical and sensual ; middle : affective ; up : mental and intuitive), E is synonymous with desires, energy and experiences. E needs to move all the time, to play with the physical, sensual, active, material, intellectual and sentimental registers. E incarnates expansion, curiosity and versatility. E likes to exchange, communicate and experiment. With such a taste for change, this letter is the adventurer of the alphabet. E is adaptable, likes travelling, to change place or occupation, even profession, friends and relations. E likes to question [him,her]self and others, because nothing is established or really definitive for [him,her]. E is energetic and can give [him,her]self the means to live according to the need for change and the new. E is impulsive, flexible like an eel, adaptable like a chameleon. E needs to express [him,her]self, to communicate and exchange. [His,Her] freedom, allowing self-assurance and development through renewing experiences is essential. At the same time, mental and intuitive, E has a great intellectual agility : [he,she] understands quickly, interprets quickly, finds rapidly and almost instinctively the conclusion (in relationships or events). Clever, creative, often talented, E is instinctive, possessing an animal side ; [he,she] must experiment in order to come to [his,her] own conclusions, E will not content [his,her]self with the experience of others. E should analyze or reflect more. E also symbolizes curiosity, which pushes [him,her] to discover, take risks or raise the veil from certain forbidden things or taboo areas. In love, E is affectionate as well as very physical. The body gets carried away, the mind becomes passionate, the sentiments follow, but more slowly, and with the condition that the fire hasn't already been transformed to a "flash in the pan" as is often the case. In love as in all other activities, E can be a real butterfly and will have to apply [him,her]self in order to get more deeply involved. It is clear that with these tendencies, E is not always easy to follow, especially if [he,she] falls into excesses such as dispersion, exaggeration, attempts at manipulation, non achievement and instability (or immaturity) material and financial.


Letter F. This is an intuitive, fluctuating and sensitive letter. It is the first letter of the words "family", "feminine", "fraternity", "friendship" or "flower". F, with a value of 6, is responsible, sensible, reflective, tender and devoted. [His,Her] sense of responsibilities is very strong as is the need for harmony, which pushes [him,her] to look for perfection, personally as well as in others. As the image of this letter, which stretches out the two arms (the mental and heart bars) towards others, F has an innate sense of duty, devotion, sometime sacrifice which makes F play an important role in the family circle (and often professional) to preserve a good affective environment. F needs to be open, to create, to give as well as to receive, to be loved, surrounded and valued, because F likes to be the center of attention, the one who creates a harmonious atmosphere. F is a diplomat, a mediator and conciliator. F places a lot of importance on the notions of justice, good and bad, honesty and dishonesty. Constantly searching for balance and harmony, F will do [his,her] utmost to make all situations harmonious, particularly those which concern loved ones directly. Which means [he,she] gets implicated in a lot of situations and has to show attention and intuition, so much so that [he,she] can sometimes find [him,her]self chained up, stressed, and find it difficult to respond all these demands objectively. To be balanced, F also needs to find time for [him,her]self and [his,her] well-being. This letter appreciates signs of esteem and affection. An excess of responsibilities would be harmful to F's efficiency and could finally lead to a rejection. Sentimentally, F is a very nice partner, anxious to give out signs of kindness and love, but also very content to receive them. F's sensitivity gives [him,her] talents artistically or aesthetically. Possessing an innate sense of forms, colors and the taste for perfection, F will be able to use [his,her] talents at work, in decorating the house or in dressing. In a way, the home is a major interest for F.


Letter G. Cerebral and down to earth letter, G symbolizes the act of gathering or the grain which germinates. G corresponds to a concrete intelligence although relatively slow, a certain difficulty in communicating in the physical and affective areas. G isn't easy to understand : Reserved, level-headed, sometimes secret or pensive, G has a great need, in order to function correctly, to center on [him,her]self, to be isolated for a time from others. To the image of the little feature which bars communication at the level of the heart, G doesn't express [him,her]self as well when in comes to the sentiments, the affective (intermediate zone) than with the material (stable down) or cerebral (open graphic at the top of the letter). If those around G lack tolerance or finesse of observation, [his,her] affective reserve could give rise to criticism. G must not be surprised if he is sometimes thought of as indifferent, pretentious or snob. The cerebral area is powerful with the G. [He,She] needs to understand the people or the facts, before achieving things. These qualities could lead to a good mastery of material and financial organization or to a great capacity for work and concentration. G has a lot of determination and willingness in all [he,she] undertakes. [He,She] likes studying, making research (spiritual or scientific), intellectual work link to concrete knowledge. Group relationships don't suit G well (unless other vibrations in your name do), so [he,she] prefers the company of books, thoughts or computers. G's taste for perfection, its tendency to give too much importance to small details and [his,her] demanding side, could make affective relationships difficult. If this bothers [him,her], G could try to gain friendship, esteem or affection by offering gifts rather than relying on affective communication. Expressive without being exuberant G, however, has under [his,her] shell a heart of gold which [he,she] isn't always aware [him,her]self. G can be worried, anxious and lack self-confidence, especially during youth. [He,she] will rarely be the first to take the initiative in the sentimental area. However, this is a gentle and tender person who would do well to be known.


Letter H. This is a very complete letter, symbolizing the harmonious connections between the spiritual (also cerebral) and the material (the concrete side). It is the letter of harmony between the sky and the earth. H has two faults, visible on the graphic. H who has no opening right or left tries to protect [him,herself] from the outside world (the right side) as well as the inner world (emotions or the past) symbolize by the left side. So [he,she] doesn't express [him,her]self totally. H searches for a balance between it's forces which have an opposite nature. [His,Her] path which goes from the earth to the mind, is barred at the affective level by a sort of gate. An area where the H, with a value of 8, has some little difficulties freeing [him,her]self completely.

In the material area, H is solid and concrete. It is a letter which has the sense of reality and business, efficiency, prosperity and strength. As far as work is concerned, this letter confers energy and endurance. Psychologically, H can be characterized by [his,her] strong ambition and desire to want to follow [his,her] own path without depending on others ! H has all the aptitudes of a manager, an organizer. Intellectual and concrete at the same time, H is disposed with a good understanding and excellent relations with the material world. The mind is put to success, allowing important achievements in the areas of power, property, money and social status. However, H must watch out for [his,her] long term balance, not to search frantically for these type of values. Lucid and well balanced, H has a clear perception of beings and events, but sometimes H can take three steps forward and two back, not always being completely sure of [his,her] assets and decisions. H can become momentarily abrupt, brittle, hard and insensitive in [his,her] way of expressing [him,her]self when [he,she] feels that things are escaping [him,her], [his,her] power becoming irregular or the situation strongly irritating [him,her]. Strangely, H would prefer to lean on [his,her] analytic Cartesian mind rather than on [his,her] intuition, which is however very efficient, but which seems to H wrongly intangible. Loyalty and generosity are some qualities that one willingly recognizes in H, as well as a sense of justice and honesty. But H expresses these qualities a bit too directly and privilege to openly those [he,she] loves. Sentimentally, H is on guard from being influenced by others or being submerged in emotions. Through experience or intuition, H knows that [he,she] risks having highs and lows when [he,she] lacks vigilance or mastery with emotions, that's why [he,she] is careful to give a stable environment to [his,her] feelings, in order to avoid certain excesses. One could reproach H for a certain lack of fantasy and a reserve which is a bit excessive, harming the expression of feelings, communication and human warmth. However, once [his,her] objectives have been reached, H will generally become more open, more interested by affective and spiritual aspects and can even make progress in this sense.


Letter I. An emotional and creative letter, synonymous with ideals, intelligence and interest in others. I resembles a string of a violin, strained to the extreme and vibrant with sensitivity. I can be emotional or creative, ideally both at the same time. With such a letter, the current passes quickly. No absorption due to curves, no hesitations due to broken lines. I has an active, passionate, receptive, altruistic nature and so can live great ideals. I knows how to make a quick decision, but [his,her] functioning is a lot more subjective than analytic. This loftiness and lightness is perhaps what makes I charming. [His,Her] human sense is great. Open, sincere and passionate, I knows how to give or be devoted without an ulterior motive. It is the letter of listening to others' problems and who is very demonstrative in love. However, I is often too idealistic and can be disappointed due to a lack of sensitivity from others, their coldness or their imperfections. With a little luck, I can transform [his,her] great emotions into artistic or creative aptitudes which will serve as valves of constructive security. There is a lot of intensity and deepness in this letter. The feelings are extreme, intense (especially those linked to accomplishment, success or failure, solitude and losses) and govern [his,her] behavior, actions and everyday life. Average or mediocre situations don't suit I. [He,She] doesn't reflect deeply, but tests and feels. The intellect, although powerful, comes always after the sentiments and emotions. I is able to pass from total joy to demoralization without knowing how to master it. I is at ease in public, in all activities which allow [him,her] to use [his,her] sensitivity. To the image of the letter, I represents an arrow which one ignores if it is implanted firmly or not in the ground. I needs a solid base to stay upright. It would be advantageous for I to reinforce [his,her] stability in the physical and intellectual areas and above all to give a more positive and restraining environment to the emotions, in order to avoid excesses or questioning which unbalance [him,her].


Letter J. A cerebral and wavering letter. Synonymous with individuality, dynamism, initiatives, J has, rather by experience than by natural inspiration, solid aptitudes to manage and show authority. Less comfortable with the purely physical world (the base of the graphic wavers and lacks stability), J will tempt to go around material contingencies rather than adapting them. That's why J is mainly intellectual, idealistic and prefers to live high up, in order to guard a favorable position or discover new horizons. J could be satisfied by conceptualizing rather than achieving in reality. By [his,her] form, J hesitates, sways softly and can take time to decide and act. J is serious and won't belt along, head down, without reflecting. In a way it is the "I" who sizes up and judges. When [his,her] decision is definite, J will use all the assurance and determination necessary to achieve [his,her] objectives. J is ambitious but has scruples, because [his,her] sense of morals is always there. A loyal and idealistic letter, J is on a constant mental search. [His,Her] vision is often original, innovating and [his,her] vivacity allows [him,her] to glimpse the future which unfolds from each decision. Independence like movement is fundamental for [him,her] in order to fully succeed. J needs to spend physically. Don't try to close [him,her] in or impose limits, it is the best way to make [him,her] run away or become unproductive. Subordinate situations are like a handicap for J, [he,she] would be more comfortable in a post of responsibility. J needs new spaces and enjoys creating, travelling, and cultivating [him,her]self. [He,She] can sometimes have relational difficulties, live quite definite highs and lows, but [he,she] will always know how to pull [him,her]self together to progress and succeed materially (highly probable). J often finds [his,her] path in the creative world, culture and sometimes esoterism. The excesses that J must avoid concern above all [his,her] uncertainties, fears, hesitations which [he,she] must overcome, as well as all excesses of the ego, authoritarianism and pretension.


Letter K. This letter is emotional, creative and intuitive, synthesizing the notions of association, co-operation, conciliation (to an important degree), as well as inspiration, intelligence, energy and premonitions which, with a wide acceptance, allow K to go towards others, help them and guide them in a beneficial way. Graphically, this letter is made up of three openings, one which opens to the sky (mental-intuitive), one opening towards the earth (physical-material) and the third going out towards others, perhaps the synthesis of the other two. These three cones join in the middle at the emotional zone. K is gentle, sensitive, helpful and co-operative. K is disposed with the ability to interiorize and with a great receptivity which can give [him,her] an inspirational strength susceptible to dynamize [his,her] creativity, expression and ideals. K can open the route, be an example and wake up a source of inspiration and advice for others, playing so an important social role. K has a great potential for achievement, a great force of attraction, magnetism, creativity and a rather lively intelligence, which allows [him,her] to excel in activities necessitating imagination and originality, as well as influencing others. K can reach the objectives that [he,she] fixes for [him,her]self, even if in principle, the full measure of [his,her] possibilities only comes with adulthood. Of course, this sensitivity and inspirational strength can be accompanied by tensions, lively reactions, affective upheavals, uncertainties and frustrations or even tyranny when the emotions are channeled badly and aren't exteriorized. To master [his,her] interior energy, K must be open, turn towards others, emit and not bottle up. The more the actions are unselfish, the more [he,she] will obtain personal compensation, moral or material. In order to favor [his,her] receptivity and to relax, K feels the need to have a secret garden which is calm and out of reach, this explains why K defends [his,her] inner world and private life with so much determination.


Letter L. This is a letter of creation and communication, very cerebral and down to earth. L is an open and balanced letter. L gives to those who bring [him,her] a great joy of living, cheerfulness, sociability and charm. Like the widely gaping graphic, L knows how to open out to others, to be available, and [he,she] has a great sense of friendship. L likes social activities, [he,she] wants to be surrounded and knows how to create a good atmosphere and to animate an evening. [His,Her] need for romance and taste for refinement lead L to know how to find the good side of things and take pleasure in the joys of existence. [His,Her] verbal aptitudes (and written) are impressive. L will easily use a speech when talking, convince or speak on others' behalves. With a stem pointed towards the sky, L is also a mental letter with good faculties of reflection and analysis. L will express [his,her] ideas widely, but after tranquilly ripening them in [his,her] base which is anchored to the earth. L turns towards the concrete. So creative activities are reasoned and measured because L is rather stable. L analyses things slowly and advances with security. L can be demanding and obstinate. Spontaneity and exuberance exist but sporadically. L searches for society, contacts and cultural or intellectual activities. Often L will be ready to put [him,her]self out for others. [He,She] is also a worrier who needs to be reassured, appreciated and recognized. The excesses could be jealousy or wanting to be the center of attention a bit too often (social events, exuberance, superficiality, self-importance, gossiping).


Letter M. M symbolizes work, labor, effort and organization. M is the initial of "moderation", "masonry", "manual", "matter", "machine", "money" and "material". Physical and stable, M needs to build, to get things going with a concern for solidity and productivity. M likes to work, in principle with order and method, if possible with a certain secure routine. M doesn't like risks and crazy adventures. Not very expansive, M can be characterized by seriousness, stability, sense of moderation and economy as well as willingness. M has great capacities for organization and excels in all areas to do with the concrete and secondarily management. [His,Her] mind is practical, Cartesian and [his,her] efficiency is great. M will advance with the tranquil strength of a steamroller that nothing can stop. Anxious to be useful, M shows [him,her]self to be very efficient in leading a project, giving assistance or playing a central role in the family and at work. However, M lacks a little originality, inspiration and panache. M functions according to a slow but regular rhythm rather than instincts. M can have the tendency to overwork because [he,she] is occupied with too many things, [he,she] is sometimes fussy, distrustful or morose. [His,Her] vision of the world is a little too centred on constraints and limitations which can give [him,her] a closed, rigid and even sullen aspect, which ends up by discouraging relationships (see the others main vibrations of your name to confirm or not this tendancy). It would be in M's interest to be more open, more accessible, more cheerful and less attached to conventions. In changing [his,her] vision, in becoming more generous and more open-minded, M would make [his,her] lifestyle more attractive. All these characteristics are found in the graphic of this letter. The edifice is imposing and the appearance is square. Two pillars, well planted, give M solidity. No openings on the sides signify that expression and contacts are not privileged. No curved lines so little flexibility. The folding joint which links the two principal pillars limits affective communication.


Letter N. N has a sense of adventure, a great ability to adapt and a rapid reasoning. N zigzags, [his,her] temperament is quite elusive. N expresses movement and energy. One passes quickly from the mental to the physical level by the intermediary of this diagonal which links the two great pillars. One feels that this letter contains a lot of dynamism and psychic intensity which makes N attractive and magnetic. It is a very versatile letter. N makes [his,her] experiences a daily thing, all being, according to [him,her], good to live and to try. Stability isn't fundamentally [his,her] strong point and N can live periods of hesitation, worry and even guilt. N needs variety, sometimes excitement, and [he,she] can adapt like a chameleon. [His,Her] closeness isn't a sign of calm or tranquility. N is a mentally demanding letter and [his,her] faculties of analyzing situations and people are good. N relativizes, knows how to juggle with words and is interested in a lot of subjects. N establishes [his,her] criteria of life in an absolutely personal way but can change these frequently and without warning. Others sometimes have difficulty in adapting to [him,her], but one mustn't hold it against [him,her], it is the price for [his,her] eclecticism. However, too much flightiness could lead others to think that N is a butterfly flying from flower to flower and taking only what is of interest.

N knows exactly how to put [him,her]self forward, to sell and to sell [him,her]self. [He,She] knows how to argue, to convince without ever being short of replies. All situations which put [him,her] in contact with the public suit N perfectly. However, although open to discussion, N often stays on guard and never lets [him,her]self go completely. N will have to be careful of [his,her] fickleness, which can lead [him,her] to live unstable situation and sudden changes, which are not necessarily positive.


Letter O. An affective, creative, idealistic letter. Completely round, rather feminine, it symbolizes the cocoon, the egg, the home, the "oasis" with all the security, sensuality and sentimentality that one can associate to these elements. No break-in along it's graphic. O is the sign of responsibility, balance, gentleness and harmony. Although searching for the peaceful conditions of existence, and not having a sense of adventure, O doesn't joke with the notion of harmony and order and will be capable of showing authority and strength in order to reign. O assumes numerous responsibilities, unconsciously puts forward [his,her] protective, sensitive and devoted character. Others feel it, and they could use these dispositions or abuse them. For O, the notion of service rendered is important, and [he,she] naturally orientates [him,her]self towards the family, friends, the surrounding environment, as well as the community in a larger sense. As a coincidence, O attracts those who need [his,her] help and protection, so that [he,she] plays the role of support or mediator, because O knows how to de-dramatize conflicts and bring balance to stormy situations. It is in this well organized and comfortable environment that [he,she] expresses [him,her]self the best. In general, O watches out for [his,her] own balance and well-being, but it can happen that O do too much for others, assuming excessive responsibilities for one person. Sentimentally, O has learnt to protect [him,her]self (sometimes too much so, to the point of becoming egoistic) and to control [his,her] emotions so as not to become too exposed. In fact behind this barrier, we find a lot of human warmth, tenderness and a great need for sentiments and contact. O has a enveloping charm and an innate sense of sensuality, comfort and aestheticism. With O, the affective life is very rich. Very comfortable in the world of feelings, O also has an innate sense of physical contact and relational communication.


Letter P. A cerebral and wavering letter, P is synonymous with philosophy, perception, progress, prestige and pretension. It is a difficult letter to characterize. Is it good or bad ? The person with this letter can have a great activity of reflection orientated towards the progress of the individual and the interest for fundamental questions. P is rather secret, reserved and has the tendency to be distant, but on the other hand, proud, professorial, with a taste for prestige. This doesn't mean that P doesn't feel anything, doesn't react or lacks intuition, on the contrary, but P is a letter which suffers the consequences of too much activity in the mental area, therefore an appearance of reserve and a lack of ease for the concrete and affective fields. In fact, very egoistically, P is interested in [his,her] internal problems (affective and intellectual). [He,She] cogitates and searches, if possible, to sublimate them in order to progress. As the graphism indicates with an expansion in the top part, P is pushed towards the paths of mind, and [he,she] will be able to discover a passion for studying. P likes to reflect tranquilly, far from agitation. Material contingencies bore [him,her], the world of sentiments and sensations seems [him,her] difficult to manage ; [he,she] often opts for a second degree existence, so much so that one asks oneself if anything or anyone is really important for [him,her]. Sometimes P protects [him,her]self by being sarcastic or mocking. This is a manner to slip away and not confront the obstacle for P, because he is often thrown. P can be tense, a bit unstable and need space and tranquility in order to function well. P constructs [his,her] inner world which satisfies [him,her] fully and he looks very suspiciously at anyone who tries to penetrate [his,her] secret garden. P can sometimes seriously lack tact, because [he,she] isn't always very sure of what [he,she] experiences and finds it difficult to express or share feelings. P is a thinker, who would do well to become more flexible, to open up more and co-operate, especially if [he,she] wants to succeed materially and sentimentally. By wanting to protect [him,her]self too much, [he,she] ends up by cutting off the world, provoking misunderstandings and living periods of isolation and doubt.


Letter Q. With the value of 8, this is a letter which has power. But it is also the 17th letter of the alphabet, so it has a certain protection, almost divine. It corresponds to premonitions and dynamism. The person who has this letter will be active, optimistic, will have a lively mind with an imagination and an intuition which will help reason. Q will be comfortable to reply to the questions : Who ? What ? When ? Q is mainly a letter of materialism, of having and of strength. Q gives an important power and it is necessary to be careful to use it in a fair and balanced way (risk of drifting). Q was also made to possess, to manage and to administrate. Q has a great power of attraction and [his,her] influence on others is undeniable. Q will use this well or badly, in accordance with [his,her] moral values. With such combativeness and energy, Q has everything in order to succeed and achieve with projects. Such a gallant knight, Q tries to leave the bridle path and achieve [his,her] marginal or unusual professional path, whatever the opposition, difficulties or problems [he,she] meets. Q likes to conquer and raise challenges, sometimes to the limit of what is reasonable and in contradiction with [his,her] intuition. Q adores to use [his,her] marked image and sartorial appearance to reinforce [his,her] natural influence and attract even more consideration. Although Q appears preoccupied with the material aspect of things, [he,she] often has quite high moral values (especially of justice) and harmonious feelings.


Letter R. R is double. Both quick, impatient, rigid, sensitive and very emotive, all at the same time. [His,Her] need for power pushes [him,her] to govern, to be "the King" or "the Queen", while needing to be recognized and appreciated by others (especially for knowledge, know-how but also helpfulness). R moves a lot, in action as well as the intellect. So, R is a dynamic, willing, independent and direct person. [His,Her] apparent roughness and tendency for over activity is a way for [him,her] not to become submerged by sentiments or emotions. At heart, R is altruistic and has immense human qualities. [His,Her] nature pushes [him,her] towards others, to take account of other's needs and to show compassion. [He,She] must stay in return balanced and be careful of what [he,she] gives to whom because there will be people (family included) who will take advantage by trying to abuse R's kindness. R is an idealist who wants to achieve big things on a high scale. R feels [his,her] emotions intensely and can't take critics, attacks or ingratitude. Even if [he,she] has affective difficulties or slightly lunatic phases, R knows how to take things in hand, to act and make other act, for their well-being (but sometimes interfering a bit too much on their territory). R is an example, [he,she] could be a "guide", but [he,she] is sometimes less efficient where [his,her] own affairs are concerned, having difficulty in making choices. R appreciates notoriety, relationships and contacts with foreign lands.


Letter S. This letter is spontaneous, flexible as well as superior, knowledgeable and sometimes wise. It corresponds to sentiments, emotions and mobility. Graphically, S is unstable on it's base while being very open towards the inner world and the past on the left side (S has a good memory) and towards others, the outside world (opening on the right hand side). The emotional intermediate zone is characterized by a slope which makes S a bit elusive in this area. Emotive, S wavers and can live these sentiments and emotions like waves on the incoming and outgoing tides, waves that can overwhelm [him,her]. That's why S must learn not to expose [him,her]self too much or expect too much from others because [he,she] could easily be disappointed and hurt. However, S, the 19th letter, also knows how to recover and shine (the sun after the emotive storm). S will regularly be transformed and improve. S has all the qualities of independence, autonomy, will power, commandment and warmth, which will allow [him,her] to have a position where [he,she] can shine and be recognized by everyone. S incarnates a raised ideal and knows how to give a creative dynamism. S likes to progress. Although ambitious, S stays preoccupied by the impact of [his,her] actions and behavior on others. Looking for the fair balance between taking others into account and caring of [him,her]self, S is a wave who can pass from highs to lows. S will sometimes need to express [his,her] independence and individuality in an abrupt fashion, then, after the revolt, will let [him,her]self be invaded by emotions and sentiments and will no longer exist for [him,her]self. S's faculties of analyzing situations clearly and objectively are then handicapped by [his,her] affective reactions. These changed of attitude can give [him,her] a bizarre behavior pattern. In fact, S has the mind of a chief, but will show a certain reserve or guilt in using it. S must develop [his,her] originality in order to channel this sensitivity and imagination which is too full. S could steer [him,her]self towards fashion or stylism, generally possessing this type of talent. On the other hand, S has a sense of business and finance (intuitive), which is linked to [his,her] sense of helping others out. In fact S is an ideal candidate for a high responsibility position.


Letter T. Stretched towards the sky, T is an emotive, spiritual and wavering letter. Like a television aerial, T captures, emits and tries to transform from inside, to raise [him,her]self towards a larger consciousness and higher aspirations. However, this isn't the only aspect of this complex letter. Through the wide openings left and right, T carries characteristics of conciliation, co-operation, qualities of gentleness, listening and tolerance. Through the horizontal bar which could sometimes make [him,her] too heavy, T also has the tendency to place [him,her]self in difficult conditions (sacrifices) which are not always justified, in the image of the one who felt obliged to carry a cross, in other words, supporting the problems of others. If T has a very strong sense of justice, the world of sentiments and emotions also play a big role. As long as T is well balanced in this area, the imagination and creativity will be fertile. A badly mastered emotional side, an excess of nervousness and worry would make things difficult for this fragile balance. If T becomes tense, [he,she] will provoke an uneasiness in others, making T think [he,she] is right in [his,her] beliefs. This emotivity and tendency to make sacrifices more or less unconsciously, constitutes the major handicap for T which [he,she] must watch out for. T has all the faculties of co-operation and flexibility necessary for working in a group or team, generally preferring to stay slightly in the background or keeping a certain flexibility, rather than assuming the place of an "authoritarian" boss and perhaps not liked very much (which [he,she] wants to avoid above all). T knows how to be lavish with aid and advice or get involved on behalf of others, allowing others to progress. But T also waits for something from others in return, such as rendering the service that [he,she] wishes. There is a strong need in T to get away from petty contingencies that could hinder [his,her] profound mind. That's why T fears difficulties and doesn't appreciate problems or conflicts. [His,Her] reactions faced with such things can be extreme. T is able to cut [him,her]self off from the world and refuse to confront the maliciousness and coldness from those who cause the problems. [He,She] will then be disappointed, disillusioned and even cynical. However, T can also react sometimes in an aggressive manner and things in place or call into question everything. It would be better to stay on friendly terms with T rather than warlike. T likes to surround [him,her]self with friends and [his,her] family spirit is very developed. T will do a lot for close ones. T likes the unusual but will not give away [his,her] intimacy easily. All in all, T is difficult to corner !


Letter U. An intuitive letter which is slow and energetic at the same time. It represents a sort of magnet allowing the circulation of energies from high to low to high again. This letter symbolizes the confrontation of the mind and sentiments with matter. In a way it is the obliged passage of the vital spirit by a phase of gestation (also trial or inner work) opening out into creativity. U is linked to communication and self-expression. U is creative while at the same time being quite conservative. [His,Her] verbal and vocal aptitudes are important. Very fond of communication, U is demonstrative, open and generous but also sensitive, delicate, refined and a perfectionist. U lives and feels [his,her] emotions and sentiments strongly and so can easily become disturbed or overwhelmed. U doesn't like to become withdrawn, it is a delicate period for [him,her]. U will communicate in a balanced and happy way as long as there is no bother to disturb [his,her] emotions. U sometimes has a tendency to choose the light side of life, the joy of life, relationships, social activities and invitations where [he,she] can shine. U is fundamentally generous and like to give [his,her] time and energy for others. U will be more comfortable if [he,she] doesn't need to get involved too much into worldly contingencies. Use without excess of these assets will push U towards all careers which are artistic, creative or communicative. This letter carries a merited success (with some efforts). It is a letter which benefits from a certain protection and which ideally wants to raise itself.


Letter V. Intuitive and stable, V is a letter at the confluence of material and spiritual values. V widely captures that which comes from on high and it's point is implanted like an arrow in matter. It is difficult to foresee where V will find [his,her] point of balance. Will it be creative, inspired, intuitive or will it incarnate tranquil strength, the stability of the builder ? This is the ambiguity of the 22nd letter which reduces to 4. In both cases, V will prefer to work independently. V is a very beautiful letter, very energetic that gives a great potential for concrete achievement and a good perception of things, to those who carry it. V has reserves of willpower and vitality which are waiting to be used. Thanks to [his,her] creativity and inspiration, V can become an innovator and participate in high level achievements, if [he,she] makes the effort. This is the most rare option, but V will then be able to channel [his,her] intuitions and perception of situations and turn them into concrete and material elements. V is then synonymous with victory and speed ; the inventive genius, the great builder, the one who knows how to organize, to create or construct for the good of humanity. V can also give [him,her]self chances to succeed in being hardworking, laborious, enduring and obstinate (sometimes too much so). In fact, V must find [his,her] balance between the two poles (psychic intensity and a solid practical sense) rather than privileging one of the two. As long as V hasn't found the point of balance, [he,she] can doubt and have a changeable mood which can sadden those around [him,her]. However, V knows how to manage and organize. V is a lighthouse capable of winning over the others to [his,her] way of thinking and harmoniously managing the material aspects. Fortunately V possesses strong moral values which are healthy and quite steadfast. [He,She] will generally choose an independent type of job (doesn't like receiving orders very much) and will confront responsibilities with courage. V can and must be an example. In order to exploit [his,her] potential, it is in V's interest not to follow egoistic goals, lacking caliber and nobility. V can be a letter of victory and power. The letter V has a happy sentimental life which is pleasant and long lasting. But it won't be always quiet. [He,She] must also expect unexpected about-turns (hopefully fleeting) and a certain extravagance. In order to be balanced, V needs to frequently give [him,her]self time to rest, because too much agitation will end up by destabilizing [his,her] base, which is all in all relatively fragile.


Letter W. This is a very energetic letter, without curves, linking 3 points on the mental-spiritual plan to 2 points anchored in the physical and material plan. W is in perpetual fluctuation, moving and changing incessantly. Powerful and moving, W adapts easily to all new situations, that [he,she] provokes or favors rather than suffers. W can exteriorize [him,her]self and shine as well as [he,she] recenters on [him,her]self. In fact, W thinks a lot, evolves frequently, all in intensely living in the physical and affective areas. W is lively and gets on well with children. Versatile, W likes to touch everything, all new experiences, even unusual, are good to live and to know. W is synonymous with movement, transformation, travelling and intellectual, emotional and sensual satisfactions. This is an adventurer, somewhat mercenary but without the obsession for power (even if [he,she] sometimes becomes egoistic or proud. W is rather an opportunist who knows marvelously how to sell and sell [him,her]self. Lucky in [his,her] undertakings, W can reach success, even celebrity. [He,She] has good friends. Very often to [his,her] advantage, W is brilliant, charming, full of panache and very talented when arguing and convincing. Strangely however, W doesn't have the tendency to use these capacities to the maximum, preferring often, to be content with a relative ease able, according to [him,her], to bring a certain art of living. Competition, opposition, difficulties and critics don't suit [him,her] and [he,she] would prefer to dodge these in order to stay dynamic (an asset) rather than getting involved in a static system. Sentimentally, W, like a butterfly, likes to go from flower to flower to gain the greatest pleasure. In a general way, W can, due to instability, live highs and lows which aren't always pleasant. That explains why [he,she] finds it difficult to get fixed, to find the right path and [his,her] identity. Under this adventurer image, W is actually quite sensitive and would appreciate recognition and love.


Letter X. Affective, intuitive and wavering letter. X symbolizes the cross-roads, possible blocks, choice. Four aerials which turn in all directions (inner world or past-left, outside world-right, spiritual and intellectual world-high, material world-low) and which meet in the center. Unfortunately it is not adapted to such a circulation of energy, to such exchanges so blocks are possible. X is double, [he,she] is talented, is hyperactive or on the contrary puts the breaks on, hesitates or shows a certain nervousness. X obtains powerful energies but their use is delicate and demands a certain mastery (or a good guide) in order to overcome the inner tensions, especially affective and sometimes sexual. X often needs to relax, to change air in order to express [him,her]self better and use the great energy in a creative way. Otherwise [he,she] can have doubts, contradictions, energetic blocks, impatience, an agitated sentimental life and even a tendency to be over-dramatic or play the comedian. Once these problems are overcome, X will certainly have talent and very dynamic behavior (at least) which is favorable to a good professional status. The other fundamental facet of X is [his,her] sense of responsibility which is pushed to the limit. X assumes [his,her] own as well as responsibilities from other peoples ! It is often a very heavy burden, but X continues to assume the responsibility, if this charge is heavy, so be it ! Within moderation this situation suits X even if [he,she] thinks otherwise. X is extremely protective and will take charge of [his,her] family and lovelife in priority. [He,She] takes also other people's problems to heart (sacrifices for others). Despite [his,her] tendencies, X complains about [his,her] situation. X must raise [his,her] head, get rid of useless burdens and advance on [his,her] own path of responsibilities, which are thoroughly understood and freely assumed. Everyone will win. Strangely, the growth and material success of X often depends on female support which will benefit [him,her] along the route.


Letter Y. This letter is highly spiritual and often telepathic. By it's 2 branches which separate in the spiritual-intellectual area, it indicates great psychic capacities but also the notion of choice and decision taking. Y has a great power of reasoning and analysis, the mastery of the concepts and the sense of discovery. Y is the symbol of reflection, research and spiritual elevation. Y has the taste for independence, [he,she] likes travelling in [his,her] own way and rhythm. In order to feel comfortable, Y needs a favorable protective environment and semi-isolation, in other words, to be surrounded by aids who will be occupied partly with the material aspects that Y has chosen to forsake. Y has the tendency to profoundly feel the effects of beings and events (great insight) but on the other hand [he,she] doesn't express [his,her] feelings very well, which gives Y a little mysterious air. This aspect can make Y difficult to understand even for its family circle. Extremely reflective, Y is a thinker, interested by all forms of study and spirituality. Philosophy, the sciences, psychology or para-psychology are Y's favorite areas, and [he,she] searches, before anything else, for the responses to the essential questions of existence. When Y has found [his,her] answers, [he,she] could be an excellent teacher because [he,she] has writing and speaking talents. Often, Y will be considered as an original entertainer or worst as a misanthropes with a dubious personality simply because [he,she] differs from the group. However, this person is interesting and pleasant even if [he,she] isn't the life and soul of the party. The graphism of this letter has 3 openings : towards the spiritual (up), inner world or the past (left) and towards others, the outside world (right). In fact, Y is extremely perceptive even if [he,she] doesn't always seem to realize it. [His,Her] intuition is excellent and [he,she] must try to use and develop it. Y must learn to believe in [his,her] psychic powers and ideas, because Y doubts, is not sure of [him,her]self and often hesitates and wavers. Y needs to pass through a phase of interiorisation before exteriorizing [him,her]self.

Graphically, Y represents a cross-roads, a funnel which suddenly narrows. This is the crossing of paths. Through [his,her] choice Y can be successful, evolve personally, but also have financial or affective difficulties, illusions and incertitude if [he,she] is less inspired at the moment of choice. Y often finds [him,her]self with alternatives and the right decision is sometimes difficult to determine. Even if efforts must be made, if there are difficulties to overcome (especially professional) or lateness in undertakings, Y must not give up ! [He,She] must take the path which will bring the most personal and spiritual growth in relying on [his,her] intuition rather than reason. In the affective area, Y must absolutely find the person who will take [him,her] as [he,she] is, and above all who will share [his,her] views on existence and interest for the mind. This is the necessary base for a rich, harmonious and long-lasting sentimental life.


Letter Z. An emotive, creative and very inspired letter. Z symbolizes the defender of justice, mysterious, intuitive, cunning, quick and ready to help good causes and people in difficulty. This letter carries a combination of aptitudes linked to the material, spiritual and psychic areas. It's graphism resembles a big 7 which has found an excellent material foundation. With it's broken lines, Z zigzags. One feels that this letter is extremely energetic, strong and dynamic. Z links quickness, will-power and self-confidence. Everything that is touched in the tangible area of existence is favorable for [him,her], and [he,she] excels in managing and organizing. Z will obtain the power that brings success easily and will climb numerous rungs on the ladder of social hierarchy. However, Z must count on [him,her]self and always be careful to remain master of [his,her] positions. Z van be a lighthouse, the one that others follow or try to imitate, because Z is imposing with personal magnetism. Likewise, Z leads a rich inner life (imagination, sensitivity, altruism) which, if emotional mastery is present and the center of life well chosen, will lead to a rapid progression with strong realizations and real inspirations which will give [him,her] an accrued power. Z has a surprising creativity. [He,She] is never short of ideas an will often be ready to fight in order to defend the oppressed or act as their mediator. In the affective area, Z sometimes needs to live a myth, which can be difficult in a couple. In other respects, even if [he,she] leaves nothing to appearance, Z can sometimes have phases of nervous tension or affective pain. Rest, relaxation and more stability will be necessary. The only danger which lies in wait for Z is the risk of using [his,her] powers badly, using them dishonestly and egoistically (abuses of all sorts).