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& The Numerological Cycles

In Numerology, life is divided into 3 Cycles: formative, productive, harvest.

Each corresponds to the vibration of a particular number and will give a general orientation of a rather psychological nature during the period where it takes place. A Cycle tells us about our tastes, our priorities or centers of interest. As it were for the orientation of our personality and projects during this period. These tastes of course change with the appearance of a new life Cycle.

Each of these three Cycles corresponds approximately to 356 lunar months, in other words 28 years and 4 months. The third Cycle or harvest Cycle will last until the end of your lifetime. The passage from one Cycle to the next happens progressively.

A certain acclimatization is necessary. This period of acclimatization is not as clear. One could say that Cycle isn't really in place until the beginning of the Personal Year Number 1 which is the closest to the start of a Cycle.

Cycle 1 (formative) : reduced number of the month of birth
Cycle 2 (productive) : reduced number of the day of birth
Cycle 3 (harvest) : reduced number of the year of birth

So how do you calculate your Numerology Cycle number?
Simple - the three Cycle numbers are found in the numbers of your month, day, and year of birth. Reduce your day and month of birth, then add them together. Reduce that number to a single digit, then add it to your year of birth, and reduce that total to a single number. Done !

Below find an overview of what each cycle means to your life. If you need a more in-depth analysis, please visit our Detailed Interpretation by Cycle Number page, or see the overview below:

How each Cycle Influences your Life?

The number 1 cycle is going to influence the individual in such a way that [he,she] will place the most importance on ambition, energy, ventures, innovation, self-assertion even authority and the desire to dominate.

The person in cycle 2 is going to privilege alliances (in work, friendships or marriage), emotions, kindness, sensitivity, creativity and the concern for detail. On the other hand, at the time of such a cycle the receptivity risks taking the place of initiative and combativeness. From where possible difficulties of agreement can take place with someone living in a number 9 cycle and sometimes 1 and 8.

In cycle 3, one privileges communication, sociability, the joy of living, expression (oral, written, corporeal or artistic) and of course creativity. At the time of such a cycle one risks lacking in discipline, dissipating one's efforts, being a bit too carefree, from where a possible disagreement with the people in cycle 7 or 4 can take place.

In cycle 4, one has a point of view privileging the " ant's " way of life. In other words : work, saving,. effort, construction and prudence. By way of consequence one will relegate leisure, amusement, and all types of adventures to second place, from where a possible strategic disagreement can arise with people in opposing or distant cycles (in particular 3, 5 or 9).

In cycle 5, one opts for freedom, discoveries. One appreciates activities, move, variety, adventures including emotional ones and versatility. Possible stirs with someone living in a cycle 4, 6 or 9.

A person in cycle 6 will be more sensitive to the aspect of responsibility, to familial and social harmony, aesthetic, love and security. A point of view not always compatible with someone living in a number 5 cycle (except perhaps concerning the sensual aspect).

In cycle 7, one is above all attracted by reflection, understanding, observation, and calm. You will privilege intellectual friendships more than emotional, thus, love and marriage will have a little less importance during this period. Not always compatible with someone living in a number 3 cycle and privileging extroversion.

The person in cycle 8 is going to see thing differently. All that has a trait to ambition, power, business, social and financial success as well as big projects will be privileged. A lot of energy and combativeness in this cycle, which leaves less space for purely emotional communication. You are quite hard to please !

In cycle 9, there is an open-mindedness. The person is going to privilege the greatness of the soul, ideals, altruistic or universal views, culture, research etc. This must leave less time for yourself and your own life. Lived in a too idealistic fashion, this cycle risks being confronted with some problems of incompatibility with the cycles 2, 4, 5 and 8.

In cycle 11, you privilege inspiration, intuition, the desire for perfection, individual ways, spiritual evolution and leadership. So there will be an incompatibility of view point with someone in cycle 4. If this cycle 11 is lived as 2, which is quite frequent, the problem will no longer be posed because the person will privilege co-operation, the concern with detail and gentleness.

A person in cycle 22 will have a wide vision and will be attracted by great achievements, ideas or inventions helping a lot of people. More often lived as a 4, this cycle is going to privilege you with options such as work, construction, the solid, prudence and saving. Your personal well-being will be in both cases a bit abandoned.

For a more in depth analysis, please visit our Detailed Interpretation by Cycle Number page.