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The Number of Letters
in your Full Name

The number of letters in your full name matters.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy = 21 letters

It is the number of letters making up your first names and surname, at birth. It gives a supplementary influence, although secondary, on your life. In a way it is the aura that your name gives off. If you must chose the name of your child (or your enterprise) don't forget to take it into account ! Also if the length of your first name(s) is longer than your surname, it will favor the affirmation of your individuality. If it is the other way around, the influence of family heritage could be more prominent

Note : Punctuation marks such as commas and exclamation marks are not counted in the number of letters. However, it is sometimes wise (rare) to consider apostrophes or dashes as a countable letter in the number of letters.

The number of letters in your full name


You have 3 letters in your full name. Positive aura. Attracts contacts and favors expression. Possible financial success linked to a strong creativity or ease in communication, sales.


You have 4 letters in your full name. This aura is a bit limiting. Positive for work, construction and stability although the results come generally slow. Reliable, but possible difficulties to express yourself fully.


You have 5 letters in your full name. Positive and audacious aura. Versatility, vivacity and often success. Gives faculties of adaptation, incites expansion and even risk taking.


You have 6 letters in your full name. Harmonious and friendly aura. A tendency to hesitate but a lot of balance. Protection too. Favorable for harmonious financial growth. Creativity and talent. Helps others, has artistic sensitivity and a taste for undertaking and responsibilities.


You have 7 letters in your full name. Intellectual aura. Discretion and calm with analytical capacities. A tendency to go it alone. Success but rather in the long term. Affective area is less favorable.


You have 8 letters in your full name. Magnetic aura. Attracts or sometimes rejects with energy. Great chance of success but also a risk of failure (if too materialistic) due to this specific vibration. Balance necessary to maintain. Courage and a strong combativeness. Practical sense, taste for exterior signs of success. This number suits all ambitious and organized individuals that are lucid and prudent (wise) at the same time.


You have 9 letters in your full name. Idealist aura. Raised aspirations. Protection if altruism is present (otherwise synonymous with failure). Indication of success, grandeur, even celebrity. Privileges humanism, knowledge, studying, travelling, new ideas, modern technology or artistic sensitivity.


You have 10 letters in your full name. An aura of attraction. This vibration gives self-confidence, assurance. Aptitude to manage. It helps in achieving projects, suggests a renewal of life style. Great desire to succeed. Favorable to finances, but in the long term after some moments of uncertainty or a change of course.


You have 11 letters in your full name. An aura of inner strength. This vibration carries intuition, kindness, imagination, magnetism and a certain artistic sense. Talented in collaboration. The possibility of having a big challenge to overcome with adversity. Disposed with an inner strength, pride, intelligence and inspiration, allowing quick decision making, life management, the use of intuition and good ideas to benefit others (it's in their interest to listen to you). Often self-taught. Sometimes charming and well-known.


You have 12 letters in your full name. A creative and responsible aura. Strong creativity and ease for expression. Open mind and able to reason. Positive sentimental life. Energy. On the other hand, unwanted responsibilities or obligations that can lead to unstable or tricky situations where you must partially support the consequences of stupidity and inertia from others. Progression is possible if you make the right choices, and understand things better. Lucidity is necessary. You must be independent and learn to neutralize problems before they arrive (at the source).


You have 13 letters in your full name. Evolving aura. This vibration symbolizes the end of a cycle followed by a rebirth. Metamorphoses, unexpected changes and often misunderstandings (always be very clear). Great capacity of regeneration and creativity. Obstinate. Stimulation by obstacles and changes. Ambition, serious worker. Good affective vibrations, strong sexuality and enhanced possibilities of spiritual openness. Often accompanied by a certain notoriety.


You have 14 letters in your full name. Dynamic aura. This is the number of movements, passion, charm, extroversion and adaptability. Generally balance and harmony but the great need for freedom could lead to impulsiveness. In this case possible instability in the financial and sentimental area with hindrance caused by those around or unfavorable material situations. Moderation would be welcome. You must learn to adapt your inner desires to exterior realities.


You have 15 letters in your full name. Attractive aura. Energy, passion and a certain magnetism, could incite you to take advantage of others, just because you want to or because it is easy. This number of letters can predispose you to a certain fragility when faced with temptations, physical fascination or material pleasures. You must learn not to give too much (or too little) importance to something without reason. Otherwise, there is a risk of illusions and irregular life, which is not necessarily harmonious. If there is balance, you will be responsible, kind, friendly, independent and a perfectionist. Overall, luck is on your side.


You have 16 letters in your full name. An unforeseeable positive or negative aura. Some real qualities but not always used well. Negatively, indication of a certain weakness (passed or still present) faced with diverse forms of temptations presented on the route of happiness. A tendency to "mini-catastrophes", clumsy gestures or remarks and self-questioning. It is necessary to give yourself healthy, solid bases to advance more easily. Work on yourself in order to look at things from a distance and keep in harmony with the real values of life. There is also a tendency for disappointments in private relationships.


You have 17 letters in your full name. Protective aura. Gives qualities of mind, inspiration and sometimes a particular talent. Optimism and kindness. Often assures recognition and financial security. Aptitude for managing projects. Good general protection, luck and support.


You have 18 letters in your full name. Fluctuating aura. An emotivity which would do well to be moderated. Indication of hesitation, inner struggles (perhaps between material, mental options on one side and intuitive options going beyond appearances on the other side). A tendency to not detect the stumbling blocks or opposition in time (through negligence, illusion or daydreaming) and so errors of judgment. The ideal would be to privilege your intuition while using the objective information available to you as best you can. Apart from that, real qualities of imagination, receptivity, intelligence and altruism. Love [his,her] family and home.


You have 19 letters in your full name. Warm aura. Indication of energy, stability and material success. Carries happiness and sometimes honor, but probably after a phase of renewal of life.


You have 20 letters in your full name. Balanced aura. A certain protection and harmony in an average life which will be embellished with a few accelerations leading to success. Possible handicap at the beginning on the material side or in social appearances, which will be overcome due to a sharpened intuition, good ideas and enthusiasm. This shows that one is never a loser if you hang on and persevere. With 20 letters in your name, you will certainly be lead to take rapid decisions in your life.


You have 21 letters in your full name. Ambition and deserved success but rather later in life or after regular effort. Carries harmony and good creativity. Love is often there for 21. Protection.


You have 22 letters in your full name. Laborious and creative aura. Aptitude for serious work. Willingness. But also a slight tendency for mistaken judgments, illusions through an excess of idealism and because others don't necessarily have the same approach. Prudence. Balance is reached when your energy and powerful creativity is used for useful concrete projects for humanity. Can reach success on a large scale but a lot of effort is necessary. If this happens, there will be a great psychological maturity, a sense of organization and a certain creative genius.


You have 23 letters in your full name. A very lucky aura. Gives responsibilities and numerous supports. Energy. Personal value appreciated by others. Success. Protection in your undertakings. New projects and changes are favored with this number.


You have 24 letters in your full name. Love and the family are the most important. Sense of responsibility. Important feminine support on the path to sentimental growth and for professional success. Good professional status. Secondarily, be on guard for dangers with this number if you are too carefree. For minimum security, perhaps make sure that there are two airbags in your next car.


You have 25 letters in your full name. Indecisive aura. Energy, but it is a bit unstable. Some difficult choices and obstacles to overcome early in life. Afterwards there is generally success. Intellectual facilities.


You have 26 letters in your full name. Success in public affairs, finance and altruistic projects. But it is necessary to stay lucid, master of your territory and not become too dependent because association, partnership are unstable with this number (not very fair or disappointing). You must carefully select your friends or collaborators, especially in business. Favorable for those who have a mind of justice, who are a bit humble and tolerant.


You have 27 letters in your full name. Powerful aura. Fertile imagination, creative intelligence. Undertakings are often successful under this number if perseverance is there. Able to manage well.


You have 28 letters in your full name. Fluctuating aura. Predispose to changes, fickleness. But, on the other hand, this number carries help and appreciable support. Advantage or profit through collaboration or marriage. Can succeed quickly this way. Can have internal contradictions to resolve in order to face things, advance, affirm yourself. Sometimes popularity.


You have 29 letters in your full name. Numerous supports. Indication of success concerning original initiatives and innovating undertakings. Others can be jealous of you. An ideal is however necessary in order for you to evolve and succeed. Otherwise there is a risk of uncertainties, passiveness and probably disappointments associated to the opposite sex.


You have 30 letters in your full name. In general a creative, perfectionist and lucky aura. Contact is easy for you. Aptitude for communication. Material security, fruitful undertakings and a serene family life even if things do not always evolve regularly. Avoid all occult, underhand or dishonest routes with this number. Stay in the light.


You have 31 letters in your full name. Balanced aura. Adaptability and energy. Happy inspirations that bring success. Luck. Finances are favored. Often there is success but after some efforts.


You have 32 letters in your full name. Adaptable aura. Loyal friends and good relations with the world. Influence on others. Also indicates a tendency for dispersion, letting things go and other excesses which can cause lateness professionally or when it comes to advancing with your projects. You must organize yourself better and give yourself honest rules (morality) otherwise you will have problems with this vibration.


You have 33 letters in your full name. Harmonious aura. Prosperity, protection, love and obligingness. Searches for harmony and balance. Idealism. Often an attraction for one of the following areas : esoterism, medicine, advise, literature and stable values. Negatively, can also be linked to manipulation of credulous people or being influenced in a bad way. Prudence.


You have 34 letters in your full name. Mysterious aura. Difficulties in keeping good relationships with others in the long-term. Indicates a form of secret or an intense personal work. Possibility of disagreements, jealousy, betrayal, breaks of association or abrupt transitions in life. You must become more mature and look at things from a distance in order to make this number a good one.


You have 35 letters in your full name. Materialistic aura. A comfortable material life allowing you to turn towards personal research (watch out for indiscretions), inner growth or interesting projects. An open and inventive mind. Value recognized. Luck.


You have 36 letters in your full name. Success but with highs and lows. Laborious evolution but rich in apprenticeship. Professional success and rewards for your efforts. Artistic, scientific and creative areas are favored. Sometimes quality works, fame and often a lot of support.


You have 37 letters in your full name. Creative aura favorable for the conception of original projects. Rather satisfying human relations (constructive). Good overall protection, including financial. For a woman indicates success and a happy marriage.


You have 38 letters in your full name. Positive aura. Feminine supports or influence of a woman on the route to success. Charm, inspiration, creativity and energy. Good health and generally long life. With this vibration it is also necessary to respect each one's vital space (in private life and relationship) otherwise there will be difficulties and struggles.


You have 39 letters in your full name. Positive aura. Good protection, creativity, efforts, and generally good health. Success probable. However, the affective life is delicate despite the search for balance. Possibility of rivalry (competition), illusions and disappointments. A reciprocal confidence is indispensable, otherwise there is a risk of separation.


You have 40 letters in your full name. Conservative aura. Incites prudence. Excessive need for security and tranquility. Risk of limitations. Don't concentrate on the conservative aspect only, there is also the necessity to create and to dynamise. On the affective area, you are often too dependent. This can cause stagnation, friendship disillusions and grief in love. Sometimes there is an attraction for books and literature.


You have 41 letters in your full name. Satisfaction sentimentally and sensual passion. Changes of relationship are numerous. General luck including in business. A very positive number if you are psychologically mature and are wiser in the management of your passions and personal freedom.


You have 42 letters in your full name. Tranquil happiness. Sense of welcoming and openness towards others. Kindness, generosity, discrete charm. Good understanding in the family. Very favorable for young women.


You have 43 letters in your full name. Possibility of achieving projects, hopes and love. A great romantic side. This vibration requires originality, good ideas and luck in order to make it positive, because there is a certain instability.


You have 44 letters in your full name. Success in practically all areas. Can be linked to the necessity of knowing how to look at past lessons intelligently (your own and other peoples). Inner discipline and emotional calm is imperative. Fruitful friendships. Deep love possible. Must contribute to the improvement of the world in order to live this vibration fully.


You have 45 letters in your full name. A proper and fair life. Happy affective life, numerous relationships possible. However, sentimental balance stay fragile (emotional atmosphere). Non-mastered, this can lead to changes which are not always pleasant.


You have 46 letters in your full name. Possibility of success thanks to the originality, inspiration and ability of the individual. Sensuality and seduction are powerful, but errors are possible in sentimental relationships (concerning honesty) due to a certain immaturity. Disagreements.


You have 47 letters in your full name. Protection in your sentimental life with sometimes a progress rather complex due to internal contradictions. Otherwise, possibility of success in public life. But this success can be fragile.


You have 48 letters in your full name. You attract sympathy and love. Marriage succeeds, but it is fragile because there is a little bit too much passion and impulsiveness (as well as self-indulgence). So there is the possibility of periodic misunderstandings with it's procession of disagreements. Keep calm.


You have 49 letters in your full name. Possible success in public life and material undertakings linked with an ideal. But on the other hand, possible failure or limitations in sentimental and relationship areas due to a lack of visibility or deception from others. With this vibration the sentimental life is agitated (unions are not favored). Possible abrupt change of professional vocation with the possibility of starting from a clean slate.


You have 50 letters in your full name. Without incidents. The sentimental life is warm and blooming. Tranquility of mind. Sometimes powerful inspirations or personal talents. Possible recognition in public life, numerous friends.