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& The Transit Magi

The Transits Magi allow one to obtain an interesting and revelatory lighting on a year from birthday to birthday. This system of complex calculation comes from the Chaldean civilization (3000 years before Christ).

It constitutes complementary information of the base element which is your Personal Year Number.

Here is how to interpret your Transit:

Transit 13. Mixed. Favorable period to a major or profound transformation. Followed by a rebirth in your activities or spiritual life.

Transit 14. A positive period as long as you show your patience and ability to be harmonious. Be ready to come to an arrangement if necessary. Be flexible.

Transit 15. A mixed period that can lead to material satisfactions but that requires also a great prudence. There will be some temptations especially on the sexual field.

Transit 16. Negative. A major problem can happen. Be particularly cautious, avoid arrogance. Can be in relation with a failure, an accident or a loss. Don't take risks.

Transit 17. Positive. A period of protection. Follow your lucky star !

Transit 18. Negative. Period of vagueness. Possible traps, disappointments, lies, errors. Be careful about appearances !

Transit 19. Positive. Period of success for the individual action, innovation and work. Good vibrations in the affective and relational areas (love, serenity, success and recognition). This transit is in relation with the 19th Tarot card which symbolizes the sun. You will inherit the energy and strength of radiation for your undertakings and your growth, or for better discovering your strategic errors and to start again along a healthier path. With the 19 in transit, you must preserve and use all these potentials because it is a rather lucky period. However, be careful all those who have things too easy, that the success doesn't dazzle your good sense (pride possible) and lead you to refuse communication.

Transit 20. Positive. An excellent period for renewal, beneficial changes, meeting new people, even the possibility of a union. It is a favorable phase to change state, improve your material or social position (new contracts or projects), free yourself from hindrances or obstacles. This transit is in relation with the 20th Tarot card symbolizing Judgment, the passage from one state to another, the liberation of certain ties. With 20 in transit, you can expect a nice surprise. Landmarks are going to change and thus will bring you a more comfortable approach to problems and their solutions. Hold on to this new star and make the most of it in order to advance. There will be a lot more energy, enthusiasm, imagination and inspiration than usual (but stay lucid). Possible spiritual openings.

Transit 21. Positive. An excellent period with success in most areas. This vibration is without a doubt the strongest and everything that is started under this vibration is favored. This transit presupposes a good result concerning your past efforts, compensation, the highest point, when it's a matter of a material, intellectual or artistic creation or a new being. This is a vibration of harmony, love, fullness or perfectionism. However, keep a good overall view. Don't scatter yourself and cry out victory too early. It would be better not to cry victory at all but to savor it for yourself.

Transit 22. Mixed. This phase concerns the material life, construction capacities and above all decisions. You must be prudent faced with your judgment and take advice if necessary. Watch out for heedlessness, imprudence and fantasy which often accompany this vibration. Also a certain inner tension, difficulties to channel your energy. If you avoid these diversions, this will be a good period for you to resolve difficult practical problems, to make projects, to have ambitious objectives and to benefit from inspiration. But most of the decisions will not find their full application until the following year. This transit constitutes in general, a relatively delicate rebalancing phase, so don't be too impulsive. Take a back seat.

Transit 23. Neutral-positive. Indication of mobility and frequent changes. This transit has a more masculine connotation (and influence) than feminine. Energy, a strength of action and support in your surroundings even a certain protection in your undertakings. Certainly positive new things professionally. In general, the merits will be well recognized by those around you. It is a good year to travel, to have new relationships and to create new contacts.

Transit 24. Neutral-positive. Favorable period for looking for harmony with those around you. Relationships are in the foreground and generally in a favorable atmosphere. This 24 Transit is directly linked to a feminine influence. The future can depend on female support. A woman will be able to help towards solidity and material success, often through the incitement of taking on new responsibilities. Sometimes you will have to confront unwanted obligations (removal, changing status) and make sacrifices in order to continue advancing along your path.

Transit 25. Neutral-negative. A slow period, lateness, instability and sometimes uncomfortable changes. Various obstacles, starting again, difficulties to conquer and often little problems. It would be good to reflect on the causes of this professional instability in order to re-establish the balance at the source. Take a back seat. If correction cannot be envisaged for the moment, be patient. Avoid wasting your energy and your spirit, if you act in a clumsy fashion. Above all don't abandon your objectives.

Transit 26. Mixed. Period linked to money and concrete projects. Rather contrasting, this transit can bring good or bad surprises, especially financial. This could be favorable for business carried out individually because the risk would come from bad associations or a lack of help from those around you at the necessary moment. To be more sure, watch out for the management of your business, don't take useless risks. Better think twice (take a back seat to a certain degree). Adopt rules of " vital minimum security " in order to avoid the temptations on the part of your associates and your own errors of judgment. Good possibilities of expansion if the balance is found. Be very prudent.

Transit 27. Mixed. Prudence will be required during this very delicate period where betrayals are possible from close ones (strong deception, difficult aspects). A certain detachment (material as well as affective) would be the best preventive method. Sometimes a review will be imposed in the relational area as well as changes. Adopt an intelligent and subtle attitude and don't fall into the trap of this vibration in reacting badly or emotionally. On the other hand, it is highly possible that you will benefit from a certain inspiration and a chance to finish a project and reach success (the foreign or anything that differs from your usual environment will be favorable). This " test " is in a way a phase of initiation which will give you the possibility to gain a greater maturity from the experience. This realization will help you to advance in life thanks to a more stable base.

Transit 28. Mixed-negative. Period of fluctuation, duality, opposition, competition even inner contradictions which will require a regrouping of your energies and a greater concentration in order to defend your interests. Alliances are favorable and welcome in this active and uncertain phase, with the condition that the limits are well defined and not over-stepped so that you don't lose the respect or confidence from others. If co-operation cannot be envisaged where everyone wins, then get along alone ! It is probable during this cycle that you will frequently waver between the need to co-operate, to be helped and the need to manage your life alone. But once again, well managed associations can bring you a lot during this year.

Transit 29. Mixed. Apart from some relational or professional disappointments which aren't too serious (and on which you mustn't dwell), you will be successful in showing your capacities (especially creative) and transmitting them or being recognized by others. So it is possibly a prestigious and idealistic phase. You will find it difficult to channel all the energy at your disposition without a doubt. That's why it would be better to act serenely and banish all haste this (it could be source of error for you this year). Open up to your inspiration and intuition. Keep your distance. Don't scatter yourself.

Last advice : Pay particular attention to the concrete aspects of things because you are in a phase which is a bit too idealistic and it can lead to some bad surprises if you neglect the fact that others don't necessarily share your impulses.

Transit 30. Positive. Excellent period for creative activities.

Transit 31. Positive. Favorable for new project. Financial stability.

Transit 32. Mixed-positive. It is necessary for you to take your decisions with caution.

Transit 33. Positive. Excellent period for the family or for helping others.