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& The Challenges of Life

The 3 Challenges of your life allow the discovery of the key attitudes that you are advised to adopt, if you want your life to be successful and have the satisfaction of overcoming the obstacles that can stand in your way. The information that gives you these Challenges is therefore worth all your attention.

It can help you take control over your own life and live more serenely.

Three Challenges exist :

The first one is concerned with your life up until the age of 36-40 ; if you surmount it, it's influence will be subsequently softened afterwards.

The second Challenge starts around the age of 40 and is concerned with the second phase of your life.

The third Challenge is called the major Challenge because it will apply throughout your life but it's importance is lower.

To calculate your Challenges, first reduce your day, month and year of birth.

Challenge 1 : the reduced difference between the day and the month.
concerns the life till 36 - 40 years

Challenge 2 : the reduced difference between the day and the year.
starting at 40.

Major Challenge : difference between Challenge 1 and 2.
concerns all life

If your three Challenges are zeros, then the first Challenge is the difference between the first and last vowel of your full name ; the second Challenge uses the consonants (still a difference); the major Challenge is the addition (not a difference) of the first and second Challenge.

The 3 Challenges of your life

The first challenge is the difference between the day and the month ; the second challenge is the difference between the month and the year ; the major challenge is the difference between the first and second challenge. Here is what they mean by number:


If your number is 0, you haven't got a challenge to take up. This underlines the importance of your free-will in this area of your life.


You have a number 1 challenge. The 1 symbolizes originality, independence, individuality, self-confidence and commencement. This challenge rightly asks you to cultivate these qualities. You must be an original and self-confident person of who you admire and would like to know. As it were, a sun in the life of the others around you and around which all revolves (and which lavishes heat and light). You must be the one who knows how to give, to break new ground, to conquer and to have good ideas. Once you have this strong, shining personality, that you are master of yourself, the danger that is lying in wait for you is falling to the excess of authoritarianism and lacking respect for others. So, it will be necessary to adopt a balanced attitude if you want to blossom well.


You have a number 2 challenge. It must be confessed that this is a difficult challenge. Destiny will place you in situations where you will regularly be confronted by authority or hierarchical systems (parents, teachers, bosses, public power) that are unjust and even tyrannical. Not really the conciliating, pleasant and intelligent world that you would wish for. However, it is going to be necessary to play the game and win it. How ? Certainly not in having the emotional reaction of running away, revolting or being passive. If you don't face it now you certainly have to face it later. The good solution consist in awakening the part of yourself that will take pleasure in tackling these problems with shrewdness, good-manners, diplomacy, co-operation and above all intelligence. In this way, graced with your developed relational sense, your subtlety and your logic you will be able to manipulate the authority in question. Once this challenge has been taken up, you will be in step to transform the hierarchical situations or the more arduous relations to your advantage, so much and so well that instead of irritating you, the manifestations of authority will amuse you and even delight you.


You have a number 3 challenge. Providence has placed deep within you, a certain number of treasures, which are talents of expression and creative qualities. The aim of this challenge consists in awakening and exploiting these talents which are unused so far. Express what you feel, externalize your inner richness. Don't be afraid to change and to make an effort with yourself if necessary. These talents, this creativity exist, it is up to you to show their value. Take no notice of possible complexes or hang-ups. Whether it's a matter of literary talents, oral, artistic, intellectual, creative or simply the joy of living, you have something to express ! Be conscious of this and don't ruin this potential. Be at ease with yourself ; go and look for the little marvels that are just waiting to hatch. If you don't play the game of this challenge, you will have limitations and obstacles until you understand that it isn't outside but inside yourself that you can find all the keys and riches which will adorn your life. Once this challenge has been overcome you must be careful not to fall into the excesses of externalization that is : extravagance and the need to be the center of attention all of the time.


You have a number 4 challenge. The 4 symbolizes stability, balance, solid foundations of existence. These are the 4 walls that support the roof of a house or the 4 legs of a chair. This challenge will give you numerous occasions in which to strengthen your personal base. As long as you don't establish a solid, serious base, there will be no path to suit you. The obstacles that will appear on your route, the attempts at destabilization that you will meet will only be occasions that life will offer you, in order to spur you on in the path of stabilization. You must awaken in yourself the faculties of balance, precision, honesty and stability. You will be called very early to organize yourself well, to structure yourself, to learn to construct your supports with regularity and above all systematically. In effect, if you start to neglect the details, problems will appear in your emotional and professional life. Don't be tempted to flee from your environment or always look elsewhere. Don't try to take yourself away from your challenge. Stand up to it here and now, step after step, without haste. Once that you have found the rhythm it will be necessary to avoid certain excesses : an imprisonment within work or a lack of ability to put separates ideas into a whole.


You have a number 5 challenge. The number 5 symbolizes expansion, energy, and experiences. So, this challenge is going to ask you to learn to manage your free-will in a healthy way in all your activities. You are going to be confronted with multiple experiences and numerous changes that will allow you to decide how to use your freedom, your abundant energy, your senses and your passions. Sometimes you will have serious losses of motivation, but it will be necessary to find it again. You will be lead to surpass yourself physically, intellectually and even spiritually and this will demand a good ability to adapt. You will certainly live some phases excessively when it comes to curiosity, taking risks, greed, sexuality or even drink ; sometimes interspersed with short periods where you will try to recapture yourself in imposing rules on yourself which are a lot more strict and come very close to asceticism or self-punishment. The object of the number 5 challenge is to make the necessity for you to establish a healthy balance in your life style evident and not to make you a slave to your experiences and way of life. In this way you will succeed as a master of your senses and vitality. You will have a greater understanding of the things in life, so much so that your rich experience will make you an appreciated "teacher of life".


You have a number 6 challenge. This challenge is related to the power to harmonize. It applies itself to family concepts, generosity, listening, love, agreement with others as well as with yourself. With such a challenge you risk having a lack of harmony in your environment which you must put right. Destiny could for example, make you live through situations where you will be disappointed by those around you, your friends or your professional colleagues. Perhaps you must face a lack of authenticity, fidelity, tact, attitudes without nobility or disagreeable remarks. Rather than getting shaken up and perhaps adopting such bad habits yourself (falling unfortunately from your tower), this challenge asks you to disregard the imperfections of those around you and make good use of your ability to create harmony around yourself. Learn to be an example of harmony in all areas. Learn to forgive the errors of the others, stop judging them badly. It is obviously a difficult challenge to take up which demands a great force of character and a good aura. Perhaps admitting that the world isn't yet perfect and that the people are still immature, will help you live through these situations more serenely and master them. This challenge will also be able to test your capacity to reign over harmony and tenderness in your emotional life. Therefore, you must think about marriage seriously before you go ahead. You better have to establish good rules of communication in this perspective. The objective of your challenge is to incite you to manage your enterprises well in spite of possible disharmonies, to go after your engagements, to assume your responsibilities, but also to moderate your requirements and to listen to others (especially those close to you). The objective being the establishment of a pleasant atmosphere favoring communication, conciliation, aid and advise.


You have a number 7 challenge. This is a very special challenge ! It commands you to grace introspection, reflection, inspiration and good sense to find in you solutions and an attitude that make you able to surpass the obstacles that appear on your route. Note that it is a matter of a good attitude and approach more than external actions ! Destiny will not miss confronting you with people and situations that put you in a position of challenge, to compel you sooner or later to show your boldness, determination, self-discipline and above all to appeal to your personal abilities (already known or as yet unused). For this, you must have faith in an inner power that will help you to overcome these obstacles and achieve the real "feats of strength". In fact, you have better aptitudes than you think ; simply to manage well the things that you start you must look inside yourself (rather than outside) for the solutions and the ability. In not being afraid to play the game of the challenge, in other words resolving step by step the difficulties you may encounter, you will slowly develop a better communication with your inner guide and in this way reach new personal possibilities. It is imperative that you avoid intellectual dispersion, a lack of calm or concentration. Try to adopt an attitude more centered on authenticity, and simplicity rather than pride. The impression that you create on others will be largely beneficial. This challenge incites you to become the perfect self-taught person capable of achieving great things. The best way to reach this self-confidence and know-how is to take up the challenges, to clear the obstacle and not back away.


You have a number 8 challenge. This challenge consists in mastering the power (money or power) and the knowledge to use it well. This is why during your life you will be confronted by money, talents, power and ambition. You must learn to conquer these areas or manage them intelligently if destiny has been generous with you. In particular, you must learn to respect the value of money and power. That means using it in the right way. Riches and power often have the same effect as alcohol : they quickly go to the head. The objective of this challenge is to find a balance between too much and too little, which could drive you towards the path of arrogance, excessive materialism, unscrupulous ambition and sometimes wastefulness and ruin. Don't under-value the money that you have earn by unconsidered spending. Too little if you evade the necessity to enrich yourself well, succeeding materially or if you give up or let things go. Above all, be careful of the intoxication of this power. You are only the administrator, good or bad. Thus, it will be necessary to discipline yourself because with this number 8 vibration nothing is definitely stable. You must stay vigilant. On the other hand, you mustn't neglect the money and power to the point of rejecting them, because destiny will continue to chase after you in this area. Don't feel sorry for yourself, because after all this challenge pushes towards success. The best means of making it consist in managing the material and spiritual life together, keeping control and good sense in these two key areas.


You have a number 9 challenge. It is a noble but sometimes difficult challenge to take up. It necessitates a good dose of altruism on your part. In effect, you will be brought to benefit those around you and your family a part of your time, your know-how or your willingness without grimacing. If you are capable of sacrificing yourself for the happiness of others by pure pleasure, then you have understood everything. However, if you choose the path of egoism, life could put you in situations where you will have to make unwilling sacrifices. In this way you could be brought to look after a younger brother or sister or a person which you don't care about. Your professional activity could steer you towards an area which you don't like or with people who find it hard to tolerate you.

Obviously it isn't good to be discontented all time and you will not be unburden with this problem in adopting a negative attitude of refusal. It would be better to change your behavior as early as possible in order to use positively this challenge and not to suffer troubles. Make the first move and choose to devote yourself to good actions in giving the best of yourself until you can naturally take pleasure in giving, in making concessions for the happiness of others and not to just satisfy your ego. It is a matter of being sensitive to the more noble human ideas and emotions (sensitivity, compassion, helping others, the sense of beauty, purity, tolerance, panache, nobility....). When this challenge has been overcome, a sort of sublimation often occurs which will positively transform your existence and fill you with happiness, openness and success. The excess that you must avoid : forgetting yourself and neglect your own balance due to turning too much towards others.