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How Numerology Works

Numerological Breakdown

The full name of the person being studied is broken down according to the numerological letter-number correspondence in which the letter A corresponds to the number 1, the letter B to number 2, etc. Three types of breakdown are displayed: The breakdown placed on top corresponds to the vowels of the full name, the central one to all the letters (vowels and consonants) and that of the bottom to the consonants only. These three types of breakdown of the full name at birth are fundamental in Numerology. They lead — by the system of the theosophic addition — to the three principal numbers of the individual that is to say Desire Number, the Expression Number and Intimate Number.

The system of addition known as theosophic is in fact very simple. Let us take the case of the third breakdown, that of the consonants. We obtain the following figures:

Claudia Schiffer
33 4 138 66 9

That is, by adding them:
3 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 3 + 8 + 6 + 6 + 9 = 43

By starting this system of addition again on 43, one obtains:
4 + 3 = 7

Here! We found 7 as value for Intimate Number coming from the secondary number 43 which is also the Three of Cups in the terminology of the cards of the Tarot of Marseilles (which is the reference in Tarot).

This identity must correspond to the complete full name at birth. It is necessary to take account of the second Christian names because they also influence the character. A simplified study not taking account of these hidden first names would have no value except for the Expression Number. The same applies to the name resulting from marriage. Therefore the maiden name must be used for studies concerning a married women. This is important because the married name will only have an incidence on the social aspect i.e. only the new Expression Number will be exact on the level of psychological interpretation. The date of birth must also be introduced, it will be useful to establish the numerological forecasts among other things. Finally specify the sex of the person being studied (Man or Woman).

Your personal numerological study

Numerology is spreading more and more quickly and more and more widely. It responds to the need that we all have to get to know ourselves better, to know in which directions it is more advantageous to orientate ourselves. In a word, to know a little better who we are and how to situate ourselves in a more appropriate way faced with our environment, our life and the lives of others.

The simplicity of the information that Numerology needs ; date of birth, surname and all Christian names (at birth); makes this science particularly practical and precise, giving us a surprising approach to the functioning of the human.

Numerology uses the psychological symbolism contained in numbers. People have in general, little access to the "hidden face" of themselves, and it is this that the numbers allow you to discover. Numerology serves to draw up your personal geography, but also to show the openings and disturbances which you can expect. It cannot predict your reaction, nor your success or failure, this is your choice. It is up to you whether you decide to get your umbrella out and confront the storm or whether to stay tranquilly at home. This analysis of your surname and first names is based on the corresponding letter-number following:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
S T U V W X Y Z .
éèêç = 1; ö = 2; ùû = 3; îë = 5; ôä = 6; ü = 8; àâï = 9


The numerological reduction, also called theosophical addition, consists of adding the constituent elements of a number superior to 9 or a word. There are exceptions : the Master Numbers (11, 22 and sometimes 33 and 44).
example : 124 = 1+2+4 = 7

Master Number

11, 22 and sometimes 33 and 44 are considered as Master Number according to the rules of Numerology. Although they have a special signification, they can be assimilated to 2, 4, 6 and 8 (their final reduction).

Secondary Number

The secondary numbers are those between 10 and 99 obtained before the final reduction. Secondary numbers between 10 and 78 can also be interpreted according to the rules of Tarot. There are favorable and unfavorable secondary numbers.