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The Desire Number

The Desire Number depends of the Letter-Number correspondence. It's value is the reduced sum of the vowels of the full name (given at birth).

Walter   Elias    Disney

 1     5    5  91    9     57  = 42/6

The Desire Number corresponds to your deep motivations, to that which is important to you. It influences you in your choices and decisions even if you are not always conscious of it. This number is related to your deep emotions. Your Expression Number will be strongly tinted or shaded by your Desire Number. This vibration is calculated by reducing the sum of the vowels of your full name given at birth.

Numbers are not considered as vowels.

Below is an overview of what how your desire number influences you life. If you would like a more in-depth analysis, please visit our Detailed Interpretation by Desire Number page.

Characteristics of the Desire Numbers aspirations

Qualities : The desire to undertake new things, to organize, and to initiate. The search for success and originality. The wish for independence. Pride, panache.
Possible faults : The taste for domination, to be in command. The desire to be praised. A certain manner of egoism and harshness.

Qualities : The desire to join in, to collaborate with others or to find a partner. Sensitivity and gentleness. The yearning for affection and helpfulness towards others. The capacity to occupy oneself with small details. An excellent companion. Intuition, sometimes very accurate.
Possible faults : The search for tranquility, which can easily lead to inactivity being carried along by circumstances. Potential laziness.

Qualities : The desire to express oneself, to communicate. An extrovert, thus likes to have company. Enjoys living. Creativity and artistic flair.
Possible faults : The need to show off, which is connected with numerous other character traits such as vanity and boastfulness. There is also a tendency for under-achievement and dissipation.

Qualities : The search for order, stability, fairness, and equilibrium. Sometimes there is a strong yearning for logic and symmetry. The desire for reliability in relationships and accomplishments.
Possible faults : Can be prone to excessive worrying about unimportant details. A narrow minded and obstinate side.

Qualities : The desire to be perpetually in movement or activity, the pursuit of freedom and adventure. Lot of energy. Love of novelty. Drawn towards the company of other people, especially those who can captivate the attention. Seeks the easiness. Often versatile.
Possible faults : Can be unstable, due to the taste for taking risks or following easy desires. Not always consistent. A little disorganized and changeable.

Qualities : A strong desire for harmony, and to be in a warm, friendly atmosphere. The search for comfort, security, and beauty. Attracted towards the arts. Wants to help, advise, listen. Generally an easy-going and responsible person.
Possible faults : Forgets ones own strength in being too occupied with others. There is sometimes weakness of character because of taking pleasure in comforts and being too romantic.

Qualities : The desire for tranquility in order to be able to observe, reflect, analyze, and understand. A taste for philosophy and studying. An aim to see things clearly.
Possible faults : One could say a disinterest for the material things in life. A tendency for disorder. Can be prone to illusions and solitude.

Qualities : The search for material and social success. The taste for power or money (or both). Fights for the best things in life. Ambition. A sense of organization. Courageous, efficient, and self-controlled. Generosity towards friends and loved ones. Sometimes a certain intuition or clear-headedness.
Possible faults : Puts too much value on social status and material possessions, perhaps leaning in the direction of unscrupulous ambition, and harshness towards other people. A difficulty to express emotions and tenderness, which can drive away personal relations.

Qualities : Idealism. A motivation for humanism, culture, the future, and technology. Tolerance or open-mindedness. The desire to teach others, and to share with others. There is sometimes an artistic flair. Enjoys travelling.
Possible faults : The compassion and idealism can lead to illusions, thus the number 9 character is prone to the extremes of delight and depression.

Qualities : A motivation towards spirituality and ideals. Inspiration, intuition, perceptiveness and a certain clairvoyance. Magnetism. An interest in the good of humanity. Similar to the number 2 character, the difference being that the number 11 does not have this tendency for passivity, it has the capacity to put its intuition into practice, thus steering its life in the desired direction. This vibration is usually lived on level 2 rather than 11.
Possible faults : The line between grandeur and decadence, good and bad, is very fine. Prone to excitability and impatience. Can feel contempt for those seen to be as less intelligent.

Qualities : A taste for big projects which require intuition and skill. A concern for humanity. Strong ambition. Charisma. Can be seen as a higher caliber of number 4 character. Very few people are on that level, so see vibration 4.
Possible faults : Can live in a dream world. Overwork. Psychologically fragile.

 If you would like a more in-depth analysis, please visit our Detailed Interpretation by Desire Number page.