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The Expression Number

This calculation depends on the Letter-Number correspondence. This number is the reduced sum the numerological values of all the letters of the full name.

It also corresponds to the sum:
Intimate Number + Desire Number

Walter Elias Disney
513259 53911 491557 = 75 = 12 = 3

This is the key value in Numerology. This number represents your potential of expression and contact ; it is also the image that you can give to others. You are free to use fully or partially this potential. It is a very important number to grasp the social behavior of a person, to help him orientate himself in his professional life. When the potential of the Expression Number is not used fully, it's the sign of a certain instability that exists on the level of the Intimate Number. In this case, you must first stabilize and strengthen it's base (of the Intimate Number), before being able to develop your natural qualities of expression.

Also, the Expression Number allows the analysis of the possibilities of relationship between two people, to evaluate the type of possible relationship between them. This number is calculated by reducing the total of the Numerological values of all the letters of the full name given at birth. To refine this interpretation, it is useful to take the information from the Desire Number into account. In this way a number 1 or 8 Expression Number (naturally hard) will be softened by a Desire Number 2, 6, or 9.

Characteristics of the Expression Number:

Individuality, self-confidence, ambition, originality, dynamism, ability to make a decision, but can also be egoistic, demanding, dominating, impatient, proud, prone to solitude.

Co-operative, gentle, sensitive, imaginative, diplomatic, hospitable, willing to obey orders, concerned with small details, a certain generosity, but also timid, emotional, prone to depression, passivity or excessive submission if confronted by someone in authority.

Extrovert, sociable, friendly, communicative, self-confident, creative, with an aptitude for expression (writing, speaking, selling), charming, enjoys life, but can also be superficial, gossipy, vain, critical, and angry.

Patient, persistent, orderly, willing to make an effort, conventional, practical, logical, good with the hands, honest, faithful. Sense of responsibility but also prone to harshness, stiffness, narrow-mindedness, slowness. Some difficulties in expressing oneself, lacking caliber and some melancholy.

Curious, open-minded, the taste for change, an amazing adaptability, versatile, communicative, dynamism, the desire to experience new things, charming, intuitive, but also seeks easy pleasures, has a certain superficiality, lacks constancy, soon or later refuses to follow a routine. Instability or even carelessness.

Friendly, searches for peace and equilibrium, has a sense of responsibility, loyal, conscientious and helpful, generous, loving, has a taste for home and comforts, artistic flair, but also has little bouts of intolerance, a tendency to intervene in other people business, takes on too many responsibilities. Often indecisive, does not know how to say " NO ". A bit of a worrier and sometimes too romantic.

Self-analytical, studious, knowledgeable, has inner strength, likes to observe, to research into a particular field, interested in psychology, but is also a bit secretive, introverted, detached and cold. Lacks a sense of the practical, often sadness.

A strong personality which knows how to take charge of a situation. Courageous, energetic, ambitious, good business sense, good organizer, a taste for power, efficient, able to concentrate and sometimes an amazing cold-blood. Generous with friends and loved ones, but tough with others. The other side to this character is that it is demanding, with a merciless even greedy side, materialistic, has a need to be well-known, sometimes there is a difficulty in expressing emotions and tenderness.

Idealistic, altruistic, humanistic, artistic, a patron of the arts and very open-minded. Enjoys travelling, is tolerant, faithful, generous, intuitive, sensitive to the feelings of others, but also a bit of a dreamer, over-excitable, has a particular form of egoism tinged with pride, an excessive need for affection, bouts of depression, emotional or gullible, sometimes a wasted creativity.

Someone idealist with inspired ideas, a self-taught person with a particular form of intelligence, sometimes consisting of a psychic gift. Magnetism or ascendancy over others. The difference between number 2 and number 11, is that the latter is not passive. Number 11 knows how to make a decision. It can take command and obtain results (in the areas that it finds interesting). The other possibilities are : a tendency to be tense, a bit egocentric, contempt for less gifted people, a difficulty to accept contradictions.

The idealistic and humanistic builder. The inventor, the genius creator, the organizer of talent, inspirational with an internal force. A charismatic teacher but often a long-time without gains. Also extravagant. Overwork is frequent. Psychologically fragile if not in possession of the necessary strength or caliber. Number 22 is rather a higher caliber of number 4. Very few people are on that level, so see vibration 4.

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