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& The Intimate Number

The Intimate Number depends on the Letter-Number correspondence. It's the reduced sum of all the consonants of the full name.

Cindy   Crawford
3 54 39 56 94 = 48 = 12 = 3

The Intimate Number, also known as the « the hidden self », is the unconscious base of your personality. It forms a little of the « keep » or the main tower of your castle. Through it you search for strength when you feel the need ; particularly in conflicting situations, each time you must confront an important problem or undertaking, when you are tense, tired or when your primordial interests are threatened.

At such a time you will stop using the vibration of your Expression Number in order to lean exclusively on your Intimate Number. It is your way of reacting. The Intimate Number's vibration allows one to know the hidden character of the human being, to reveal the profound needs and to know reactions in cases of tension.

All of your psychological structure rests on the Intimate Number ! Consequently, it is important that it's integrity is preserved from all attacks or the result will be nervousness, anguish and indecision. This number, that becomes significant in adulthood, is calculated by reducing the sum of the consonants of your full name given at birth.

Numbers are not considered as consonants.

Below is an overview of what how your Intimate number influences you life. If you prefer a more in-depth analysis, please visit our Detailed Interpretation by Intimate Number page.

Characteristics of your Intimate Numbers

An enterprising person, bold, individual, often authoritarian, sometimes impatient, proud or even egoistic. This person knows how to defend [himself, herself], and to put others in their place. A certain toughness in a conflictual situation. Capable of managing alone. Straightforward and enthusiastic.

An effective but easy-going person, co-operative, able to pacify others, friendly and receptive (sometimes too much so). Likes work, with someone else as boss. Negative points : a certain passivity, difficulty in saying " NO " or defending personal interests in a conflictual situation. There is rather an emotional reaction, a fear of conflict and thus a tendency to be dominated.

A sociable person, amusing, communicative (sometimes a bit too much so) and often very creative. Some negative points : the desire to be the center of attention and thus difficulties to accept the stimulation of competition or the presence of competitors. A tendency to do too many things at once and finish none of them. The capacity of defending yourself but mostly with gesticulation. A professor of persuasion, but weaken when flattered. Otherwise, depressed when others dare to ignore you. Prone to underhand behavior and also to hold excessive grudges.

A stable person, balanced, hard-working, reliable, sensible but sometimes a bit rigid and severe and not very open to new ideas. A tendency to be pessimistic. Don't like to be rushed or taken short. Appreciate compliments and being highly regarded. Can defend its own interests and be persistent when necessary. It doesn't take much for you to lose your temper.

This character is full of life, active, adaptable, versatile, adventurous, has a fighting spirit but is often fickle and impulsive. Does not like to feel tied down by routine. There will be a strong reaction if someone tries to impede [his, her] freedom in any way. Defends [him, her]self well in a conflictual situation. It is surprising how the number 5 can bounce back after a knock. Elusive, but not necessarily persistent.

A warm person, peace-maker, conventional liking harmony, having good taste and a sense of duty and justice. Wants to reconcile and harmonize if there is a conflict. But if there are strong feelings involved or hesitancy, there is the possibility for unscrupulous persons to manipulate or dominate you. In such a case, you give in a bit too easily. Your strength is inconsistent, and it often ends up without you having made any impression at all.

A thoughtful, reflective person, calm, analytic indeed reserved or solitary but often reliable. A very capable person, but enigmatic for others. It is difficult to anticipate how you will react when faced with a conflict whose outcome is important to you (you can bounce back or trap yourself in a long sulk mixed with grudge). Sometimes you can defeat your opponent by your reasoning ability.

An active person, independent, ambitious, effective and concrete, sometimes capable of putting up an amazing fighting spirit that can lean sometimes towards the aggressive side. Impulsive or suddenly intolerant, but it doesn't last long. Can't support injustice. Stimulated by obstacles. A certain clairvoyance and a lot of self-confidence. Sometimes an unsuspected emotional aspect underneath the cold appearances of confidence, particularly when in an uncomfortable or unfamiliar situation.

An idealistic person, altruistic, tolerant, sensitive and obliging. Sometimes talented and influent. Others find you to be a very likeable human being. There is a tendency for the extreme states of over-excitement to depression, or losing touch with reality. When faced with a conflict, the outward appearance is one of authority and maturity, but this appearance is rather fragile. A person difficult to understand.

An intuitive person, intelligent with a lot of energy. Generally very helpful and likeable, however, can overestimate ones own ability. If actually seen as an 11 and not a 2 (who is a person with a certain passivity when it comes to making an important decision), then you can defend yourself well and use your influence over others. You know how to put your thoughts into practice and to use your intuitions to run your life. Happy to be the center of attention but can also be contemptuous and egocentric. Often very little patience.

A humanistic person, particularly gifted in the areas of invention or organization on a large scale but whose strong interior energies often require a long period of training. On the negative side, this character can have delusions of grandeur, egocentricity, be rather extravagant, mysterious. Lived generally in level 4 but with a higher caliber.

A responsible person, wise (or thought to be wise). The capacities to be a leader. Generally, this vibration experiences things similarly to the number 6 person, but in a slightly stronger form.

If you prefer a more in-depth analysis, please visit our Detailed Interpretation by Intimate Number page.