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Why Numerology Matters

How to use your personal numerological interpretation

Due to your personal numerological calendar, you will be in a position to know the type of situations which will confront you during this year. This will allow you to manage your professional, private and sentimental calendars according to your specifications. However, you must adapt or situate these forecasts to the personal area of your life in order to obtain beneficial information.

It is also profitable to re-situate these forecasts in the context of your present Cycle of Life, your Pinnacle and understand that the vibrations of your Personal Day Number are registered or included in the vibrations of your Personal Month Number which is in turn registered in your Personal Year Number.

Understand that the vibrations described in these numerological forecasts inform you on the type of events that you are going to meet, but they cannot describe them precisely (it's up to you to make the connection with your personal universe) or promise the future in an absolute way. With a little practice you will come to realize that the vibrations described are real and that the impact of each one can be eased or reinforced by other influences which cannot be foreseen from the classic information of Numerology (in this case refer to Tarot and I-Ching).

These "external" influences can be of different natures : unexpected events, sentimental disorder, births, bereavements, accidents, illnesses, grief, severe annoyance, obstinacy etc. A fracture for example, will restrict you to your bed and certainly prevent you from making the predicted meeting forecast in your numerological calendar ; unless it is the doctor or nurse who comes to visit you.

 A sentimental split taken badly can have prolonged effects with some people, which will completely hide the good vibrations forecast for the following days or months. Often the impact of a forecast will be linked to your reaction. Your behavior, good or bad, can raise the echo or deaden it ! Yet in all cases these vibrations exist and you are bathed in their influence. Generally, the rate of verified forecasts is about 70%. Note that if your numerological calendar speaks of an exceptional period professionally but you don't work at the moment or yet, obviously it will not concern or benefit you.

So you have free-will ! You are the captain of your ship ; it's up to you to navigate, if possible with the help of your numerological calendar which will give you an idea of the marine currents that you will come across. Use this excellent tool to plan your life better ; when to invite people, when to go out, when to arrange meetings at work and when to go on holiday. You are only limited by your imagination. In the case of "black" hours or day, if you are prepared psychologically it often makes the situation a lot less delicate. Try, you'll see ! With a bit of training, little by little you will master the quality of your life better and your destiny.

Your calendar is composed of a description of your Personal Year Number followed by your Personal Month Numbers and Personal Day Numbers. You will find a strip where the acronyms describe, hour by hour, the favorable periods to act and approach, as well as the more delicate periods where you must be careful not to lose your temper or to commit yourself too lightly. Here are the hourly acronyms significations :


Excellent period to undertake something, to intervene.


Good period for initiatives.


Prudence, not everything works as forecast.


Take a back seat, interventions are inopportune.

The text of your daily forecasts describes the atmosphere and climate in which you are bathed. When there is an apparent contradiction between the hourly strip and descriptive text, understand that the text describes a climate and the hourly periods indicate the opportunities for action or the hours requiring prudence or calm. In a Personal Month Number you can only live 9 different Personal Day Numbers, this means that the same vibration (linked to a Personal Day Number) can be found 3 or 4 times in the same month.