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The philosophy of Karma (or the notion of the weight of past faults) has a lot of followers. This passion can be understood, but from the moment that free-will is rejected, Karma doesn't fill it's role. Here are the two approaches for calculating Karma that are used by certain numerologists.

The French association of Numerology does not share this approach, but it is up to you to decide whether or not you agree with this philosophy.

First Approach

The first method of calculation consists in considering the numbers lacking in the Inclusion as Karma numbers. The Karma numbers are the numbers from 1 to 9 for which there is not a correspondence in the full name.

In this way, if the full name does not have an H, a Q or a Z, the number 8 will be karma for this person. It is also possible to visualize the karma numbers in the Inclusion table. Here are the lessons given by each one of these lacking or karma numbers.

Karma 1. This lesson indicates that you must learn to be more individual, to construct a more autonomous personality, to acquire authority and self-confidence. Sport can be a very healthy way of overcoming yourself.

Karma 2. This lesson indicates that you must learn to live as two, collaboration, a certain form of diplomacy, to know how to put yourself in the other's place. This lesson also indicates that you must learn to manage your sensibility and your emotions.

Karma 3. This lesson indicates that you must learn to communicate, to express yourself, to create, in the form that you chose. However, be careful not to fall into an excess of dispersion, gossiping or boastfulness.

Karma 4. This lesson indicates that you must learn to apply yourself with regularity in your work, to finish what you start and to be persevering at work without becoming a maniac.

Karma 5. This lesson indicates that you must learn to manage your freedom, especially when it concerns your senses. Enrich yourself with experiences without getting carried away by them.

Karma 6. This lesson indicates that you must learn to cherish beauty, harmony, a certain gentleness and spread this around, but also assume your responsibilities and obligations.

Karma 7. This lesson indicates that you must learn to raise yourself spiritually in order to be conscious of the essential values of life. Reflection, generosity and a certain height of mind must be your guides in this life.

Karma 8. This lesson indicates that you must learn to understand the values of money and power, neither rejecting them or adoring them, but using them for noble and healthy goals.

Karma 9. This lesson indicates that you must learn a certain form of universality, a raised mind which makes you aware of the relativity of things and the vanity of men. Generosity and altruism will be your main words.

Second Approach

The second approach consists in considering certain secondary numbers (13, 14, 16, 19) issuing from the Desire Number, the Expression Number or the Intimate Number as karma or karmic debts. Karmic numbers all have two sides, both weakness and strength, difficulties and possibilities, punishment and reward. These are the numbers of lessons. A lesson not taken up calls for a punishment, a lesson well learnt brings a reward. These numbers are a little like springs or spirits, you must break them open well in order to get to their potential power. According to their place, these numbers give particular information :

Found in the Desire Number, they can create obstacles in the affective achievement of the individual ; in the Expression Number, they can disturb the professional or social life of the individual ; in the Intimate Number, they disturb growth of the personality ; in the birth date, life path or destiny number, it is your entire life that can be marked by this debt for as long as you have not assimilated and understood the specific lesson. Don't forget that you can transform these debts into rewards. Only those who pass a test can win the laurels.

You can visualize the secondary numbers in the General Calculation.

Karmic debt 13, it is a number 4 (1+3), so it concerns work and stability. It can bring difficulties, even breaks at work. It lets you suppose that you have neglected your work in a previous life or that you have let others do it. However, these difficulties, these possible breaks are the occasion to start again, to reconstruct and to be reborn. 13 is both the 1, the man and the 3, the Expression Number, the number of achievement and creation. 13's debt is paid by assuming tasks, without unloading them onto others, in creating and achieving through order and discipline. Those who have karmic debt 13 can be put off by domestic work and at one moment or another during life will be afraid of death or not being able to do everything that they want to do in life.

Karmic debt 14, 1 and 4, it is always the man (1) with balance, who faces work, has discipline and stability (4). The man (1) who loses balance (4) and abuses his liberty (5=1+4). This freedom can be used badly due to an unconscious memory of good living. The 14 leaves one to suppose that in a past life, personal freedom was used and abused, as well as sexuality and sensuality. So you probably made others suffer your abuses. The cracking of 14 can be provoked in the body as far as the expression of the senses are concerned or perhaps in the affective area according to the place of this number in your theme. Situated in the Desire Number, 14 can promise love stories with a sad ending. Situated in the Expression Number, 14 can bring disappointments and breaks, materially and physically. Situated in the Intimate Number, the life path, the destiny number or the birthday vibration, 14 can foresee breaks to do with those around you (home, family, love, friends, social position). The debt on 14 is paid by learning to govern your personal freedom, managing your sensual and sexual excesses, re-learning your limits, in order to avoid bodily punishment... Although very harsh, this lesson is relatively easy. It is easy to understand that if you eat too much chocolate, problems with the liver are not far away, that if your diet consists of drugs and alcohol, the consequences are obvious. Today, having multiple or abusive sexual relationships has other risks that we have all come to know... Anyway, every lesson is a personal affair, it is up to you.

Karmic debt 16, 1 + 6, this is the man (1) faced with responsibilities (6), it is the man faced with love and harmony (6)... This number tells the story of a man who, in a preceding life, would have had lovers doing wrong around him, either to his children or to his partner, to the partner of his lover or mistress. The man with this number could have abandoned his children, his family in a past life in order to be loved. The only way to understand the hurt that we might have caused others, is to live it ourselves. In this way, this debt brings affective difficulties, difficulties to do with love, children and the family. 16's debt can be paid by looking for real and wise love, in sublimating affective difficulties, in looking for the means to evolve spiritually, in trying to meet others at the level of values, artistic or philosophical. Found in the Desire number, 16 can let one reckon on a marriage which ends in divorce. In the Life Path, Destiny number, Intimate Number or Birthday vibration, 16 can lead to breaks of all sorts, family situation as well as social or professional.

Karmic debt 19, 1 and 9, this is the man facing himself and others... Having this number in your theme lets one suppose that in a past life, you used your authority and power over others. You were arrogant and egoistic, you used others to give yourself more value. 19's debt is paid by respecting others, being tolerant and managing your ego. Man must not use others to build himself up, rather, he must serve others to give himself value, to achieve and to be respected ! Situated in the Desire Number, 19 lets one foresee that your secret thoughts will be read like a book. Situated in the Expression Number, 19 can let one foresee harsh and difficult moments. Situated in the Intimate Number, life path, destiny number or birthday vibration, 19 can let one foresee a dispersed personality, losses of time and wasted energy, anyway, this number makes you start again, get going again, and reconstruct from a new relationship.