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& The Composite Vibration

The Composite Vibration & how it relates to Strengths in the Relationship

It is possible to have an insight into some strong points of your relationship by "mixing" the themes of the two people involved. So, it is a matter of the overall vibration of the couple, again called composite vibration. We start by adding each of the principal numbers, which are the Expression Number, the Desire Number, the Intimate Number and the Destiny Number (conjunction of the Life Path and Expression Number).

The composite vibration of the Expression Number concerns usual behavior, the composite vibration of the Desire Number concerns the emotional, while the Intimate Number concerns the more concrete activities, the projects or the problems to resolve. As for the Destiny Number, it concerns the opportunities for success but it's reliability is quite relative.

Composite vibration 1. Strong points are innovation, new projects and shared ideals. A good vibration for work or studying together. You collaborate above all for the intellectual aspect, for organization and innovation. It is not perfect for a love union but it can serve as a base at the beginning. In the case of success the couple will shine by their qualities of determination, self-confidence, frankness, enthusiasm and the sense of innovation. Be careful of the risks of egocentricity and misplaced pride.

Composite vibration 2. Strong points in all that is associated with the union (marriage, life as a couple, family but also association, co-operation with the outside and diplomacy). This vibration favors mutual service, the construction of a family (often fertile), a nice house and kindness. A flexible couple with concern, tenderness and imagination. A couple often romantic but who must be careful of a certain passiveness or daydreaming.

Composite vibration 3. Strong points concern expression, social life, projects related to a public, sales or politics but also mutual blooming, comfort, artistic or creative projects (including having children), recreation, friendships, leisure activities. A rather extroverted couple, full of resources but a bit disorganized with the consequences it implies. If the 3 came from 12, this incites you to make an effort to be loyal, to have a mutual confidence or to have the sense of others. Be careful of the tendency to want to be the center of attention. Morality sometimes a bit elastic.

Composite vibration 4. Strong points in discipline, rigor, well established structures, work. Also favorable for saving, for the sense of duty, construction and communal gatherings. It is rather a long-term rhythm lacking fantasy and passion. Activities and work related. A traditional couple, well organized, attached to the home, leading an upright and prudent life, but in the end monotonous. Know how to put it right ! If the 4 came from 13, it is not a good indication for understanding because there is often the connotation of breakdown in the sense of loss or a breakdown followed by rebirth.

Composite vibration 5. Favorable for everything that concerns adventure, travels, discoveries, exploration, novelty, multi-purpose activities or know- how, sales, sense of contact and friendships. It is more favorable for a communal and very lively activity, passionate or expressive. Not as much for a long- term and stable love. Love at first sight is frequent, it is the passionate love, the charming love, the sensual love. The relationship will only last long term if the notion of freedom or independence come into it, as well as mutual respect and confidence. In the case of success, the couple will be very lively, very enterprising, perhaps a bit heedless or extravagant. If the 5 came from 14, it indicates that some effort must be made to respect the freedom and individuality of the partner. Too much impulsiveness and egocentricity could bring a breakdown or emotional suffering. The same if one wants to impose restrictions on the other or others.

Composite vibration 6. An excellent vibration for home life, family affairs, decoration, the arts, aesthetics, educational projects, saving, friends, human warmth, helping others and advice giving activities. It is very good for a harmonious family life where the beautiful, the well-being, the truth and aiding others will have an important place. This will end up at a classic and refined couple often with a developed sensuality and having a sense of responsibility. On the negative side, it is necessary for the couple to watch out for one of the following problem :

a tendency to get mixed up in other peoples affairs.
acceptance of too many responsibilities and obligations.
a tendency to be influenced, manipulated and lacking initiative.
a tendency to build a relationship on sensual attraction only.
holding a grudge when hurt emotionally or morally.

Composite vibration 7. Strong points with mind work (intellectual or spiritual), music, culture, shared research, leisure activities, reflection, meditation, intellectual friendship. Not really favorable to an emotional union or marriage in the usual sense because it is more an exchanging of spiritual or intellectual ideas that is favored. If it works, the couple will seem a little mysterious to others. If the 7 came from 16, and a union is in view, it is necessary to look out for the profound and real to avoid the risks of breakdown or questioning. Watch out for signs of pride or egoism, lack of scruples or contempt for others ! In this case the relationship will not withstand.

Composite vibration 8. Strong points for financial questions (taste for wealth and material well-being), business, justice or arbitration, to acquire mastery of an area, to influence those around you, for the creation of something original and clever. Very interesting in the area of projects or work but more delicate for unions. The only way for a couple to succeed with this vibration is to opt from the start for a real listening and mutual aid, to efficiently resolve the problems and insufficiencies that each could have. A shared project of some sort where both parties are ready to help each other completely and make concessions without about who has done the most. This will end up as a very solid couple, master of it's destiny and capable of improving when it is necessary (obstacles should stimulate the partnership). An active and passionate couple which finds it's balance in material and spiritual areas. However, it will be necessary to be careful of a lack of generosity and attitudes that bring fights, because it will have more consequences than with the other vibrations ! It is rather reserved for the developed people, motivated, having a great sense of morality and loyalty, otherwise there is a risk of one pushing each other in the wrong direction and so mutual blooming will not be possible.

Composite vibration 9. Favorable for all to do with communication, contacts with foreigners, travelling, culture, knowledge, talents, humanitarian or altruistic causes, invention or research. This can lead to a successful union if both are tolerant and share the same sensitivity, which isn't always the case. A very open couple, original, idealistic, sometimes difficult to follow and whose life is quite public. Be careful nevertheless of hyper-sensitivity, shared utopia, vanity and phases of depression. If the 9 came from 18, illusions, deceptions or financial errors are possible. Take precautions.

Composite vibration 11. A good vibration in which to develop intuition, spiritual evolution, inspiration, and in all cases to be on the same wave length (mutual understanding). Also very good for philanthropist type work, psychological or esoteric. The union is successful if both members show an interest for their inner growth (as well as exterior). Otherwise tensions are likely ! A couple often sharing a strong passionate energy and attracting others. This vibration will often be lived in 2. If this is the case the union, the kindness, the co-operation and helping others, as well as the building of a beautiful home will be favored, giving rise to a very romantic couple (tenderness, imagination and concern). But with the risk of becoming passive and daydreaming.

Composite vibration 22. A favorable vibration to develop particular talents, for a spiritual evolution, studying, reflection or more frequently creations, constructions and organizations at a high level and with quite a large collective interest. It is also favorable to reach a high level of consciousness and share your knowledge with others, your advices. Quite a special couple which can be successful with a great work. This stays after all, a strong vibration, rather difficult to live as two and that can bring too much idealism or extravagance. It is more easily lived on the number 4 level and as such will favor work, discipline, construction projects, saving, rather a long-term rhythm for a traditional couple attached to the home and leading an upright and prudent life sometimes lacking fantasy and refinement.

composite vibration 33. A very particular vibration which favors helping others, compassion, a sharp understanding, a reconciliation with nature and a certain mastery over emotions. Sometimes it allows the couple to become a guide for other people. A couple 33 is rare, so their communication will be very intuitive, almost telepathic and of a high level. More often this vibration will be lived as a 6, favoring an interest for home life, decoration, the arts, education, helping others, saving and a harmonious family life. So, the couple will be classic, refined, often very sensual and endowed with a sense of responsibility and harmony.

Composite vibration 44. A favorable vibration for the apprenticeship of a good mastery of the self, a rare calm, an overall and clear vision of things within the couple. The high energetic and creative potential of this vibration favors shared actions going in the direction of material ease, altruism and justice. A couple 44 will have a great love, deep and stable. They will enjoy solid friendships and a high quality of life, which will allow them to contribute to the good of the world. If there is a lack of high level consciousness, this vibration will be lived in the number 8, which favors business, finances, mastery of an area, sometimes with highs and lows. With an 8 in the couple's vibration, mutual aid and listening in all areas is indispensable because the conflicts carry more consequences than with other vibrations. A couple 8 who opt from the start for a strong mutual aid will succeed materially and spiritually and will enjoy a passionate love life. On the other hand, a number 8 couple who allow internal conflicts, jealousy or the exclusive search for social success (while neglecting the values of wisdom) will live highs and lows that will without a doubt break this couple.