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& The Destiny Number

The Destiny Number is the reduced sum of :
Expression Number + Life Path

This number is not as important as your 4 principal numbers:
Desire Number, Expression Number, Intimate Number and Birthday Vibration.

Also, it is not always easy to verify it's accuracy. But this number is used by professional numerologists to carry out diverse cross-checks when establishing an individual analysis or for the relationship between two people.

The Destiny Number takes the vibration from the date of birth into account (Life Path) and from the Expression Number. It is the reduced total. It's vibration will be felt after the age of 30. It is also called "the direction of destiny" because it gives interesting information about the general direction of your life. This number is considered to indicate your preferred attitude on your Life Path, in other words, the manner in which you like to go through life.

The Meaning of your Destiny Number


Your Destiny Number is 1. In a general way, you like to initiate things, to be different from the others, to create, to have autonomy and to take your life in hand. You like to be the boss and undertake things.


Your Destiny Number is 2. In a general way, you like to live in co-operation, perhaps in the wake of others, and to cultivate a sense of welcoming and gentleness. The position of right hand would suit you.


Your Destiny Number is 3. In a general way, you try to be extroverted. You behave like a pleasant individual, sociable and creative, who wants to communicate and create relationships. You try expressing yourself through the arts, writing or speaking. You can live some extravagant periods.


Your Destiny Number is 4. In a general way, you try to achieve in the concrete, to advance in a stable, reliable, serious, balanced and persevering fashion.


Your Destiny Number is 5. In a general way, you advance like a free, curious and very lively individual. Someone gifted with charm, magnetism and versatility. You are comfortable with movement and variety and you have the taste for pleasures and adventure. But you can dissipate your efforts easily.


Your Destiny Number is 6. In a general way, you are responsible, conciliating and warm, wanting to live in peace and harmony. You look for gentleness and comfort, and you help those around you. You want to do too much for others sometimes.


Your Destiny Number is 7. In a general way, you are a composed, reflective, even solitary, but quite an original individual. You are serious, knowledgeable and you are gifted with wisdom or the ability to analyze.


Your Destiny Number is 8. In a general way, you behave, as a manager who is concerned about material and social success. As an individual, energetic, having great strength of character and capable of courage, generosity towards those you love. Your behavior is sometimes a bit tyrannical or unscrupulous.


Your Destiny Number is 9. In a general way, you try to behave according to your sense of others, respect for life and a great open mind. You also like to be recognized.


Your Destiny Number is 11. In a general way, you behave like an inspired, intuitive and intelligent being. You have raised aspirations. You have the role of messenger a bit, inspired to transmit your revelations to the others. This is more frequently lived as 2.


Your Destiny Number is 22. In a general way, you behave like a great achiever, organiser or inventor. An idealistic individual while at the same time being gifted with a great practical sense. This is more frequently lived as 4.


Your Destiny Number is 33. In a general way, you feel attracted to the role of guide. The one who drives others, gives an example or lavishes love and wisdom all around. You are ready to move in order to defend the interests of others. This is more frequently lived as 6.