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Using Numerology To
Predict Relationship Duration

It is possible to use principles of numerology to anticipate the length of the relationship. There are 2 recommended methods.

Method 1: Personal Year Numbers

In knowing the value of the Personal Year Number of the two people concerned by the agreement, it is possible to get an idea of the vibrations that are going to influence the state of mind of each of the partners. These vibrations have a non negligible influence on the length of the agreement even if they can be hidden (to whatever degree) by external eventualities having a superior impact. Numerology only describe the basic vibrations of the life and character of an individual (i.e. the sea currents, the tide, the season, the location of the main reefs for a sailor) but cannot give information on extraordinary events happening sometimes in life (for the sailor : a hurricane or meeting an iceberg). Remember that the Personal Year Number is calculated by adding your day and month of birth to the current year, then reducing to the unity.

If the start of the relationship was in 1990 and you were born on the 7th May, this will give 7+5+1990=2002=4. In this way one partner will be in personal Year Number 4. If the other partner was born on the 9th January, this will give 9+1+1990=2000=2 as the Personal Year Number. In consulting the corresponding numbers, you will have an idea of the state of mind of each one of the partners and like this, an indication of probable length of the relationship.

It is sufficient to compare the Personal Year Numbers of each person as well as the Cycles, to know if the vibrations are favorable or not for a long understanding. Statistically, the most delicate Personal Year Numbers or Cycles to put together are :


The Cycles (and sometimes Personal Years) accompanied by frequent clashes are:

1-8 because both want to command.
3-4 if the 4 dominates too much and imposes it's rhythm.
4-4 they could be both stubborn.
4-8 if the 4 is too slow.
4-9 if the 4 is too materialist and the 9 too idealist.
6-7 if the 7 is too cold.
6-8 if the 8 is too hard-hearted.

Method 2: Cycle vs. Destiny Numbers

Another way in which to get an idea of the duration of the partnership consists in comparing the Cycle and the Destiny Numbers (the addition of the Life Path to the Expression Number). Also be aware that if the relationship concerns work or a concrete project, then the compatibility on the level of the Intimate Number becomes more important than the Expression and Desire Numbers.

Year 1. It is a good year for a start. With the exception of the possible unfinished things linked to this vibration, one can consider that what was started in year 1 will continue during the 9 years of the Cycle. At the end of the 9 years a questioning could take place with either a split (in year 8 or 9) or a new start, often on a new base.

Year 2. An excellent year to seal a relationship or union. The security will be here.

Year 3. A very good year for the joy of living, creativity, friendships, pleasures or liaisons. But no guarantee regarding length...

Year 4. This is a favorable year for the creation of a solid, long-lasting bond, with the possibility of the creation of a home. You look for security and have the desire to protect.

Year 5. A favorable year for meeting people, sentimentality, sensuality and love at first sight. But the liaisons are generally short and unstable. All depends on the state of mind of the partner and the conditions.

Year 6. An excellent year for marriage or long-lasting union. Favorable for the creation of a harmonious home and for friendships.

Year 7. Because of the orientation towards reflection a certain solitude (even questioning) will dominate. This vibration leads more often to intellectual friendship than to a passionate love affair.

Year 8. A less favorable year sentimentally and also to affection but more to sexual and passionate liaisons. There is often a certain searching for power or interest, which impregnates the concept of the relationship by the person in Personal Year Number 8 (or Cycle 8). Sometimes it is also the year of highs and lows.

Year 9. Not a very favorable year in which to start a relationship. It will be good only if the mutual approach is based on the good aspects and raised ideal of the 9 : the desire for elevation, refinement, altruism and actions without ulterior motives. All other approaches wouldn't allow the relationship to hold out (disillusion).